Practice Report: DeMario Pressley

Senior defensive lineman DeMario Pressley discusses his health, the Pack's trouble stopping the run, and this week's game against Louisville.

DeMario Pressley

On how he feels coming off his knee injury
"I feel pretty good, my knee came back great. I knocked a few kinks out on Saturday and this weekend I'm ready to roll."

On his first reaction to the injury
"I found out on the Friday before Boston College. But we thought it was just a sprain or something, then he was like you might have a meniscus tear and we might have to do surgery. I was just like 'Oh my God.' When he said meniscus I thought I was going to be out like Toney [Baker]. I was scared for three hours, but then we found out it was only a lateral meniscus tear."

On whether he wonders when his luck with injuries will turn
"I wonder that every day. I came off the wrist, then it went to my broken toe, then I came off of that and it went to my elbow with three torn ligaments, then my knee. Bad luck is all over me, I don't know what's going on."

On the team's problems stopping Clemson
"Saturday was very frustrating because those backs were fast and they just kept running on us. We tried everything we could, and that made it even more frustrating because we were trying and we just couldn't stop them. You could never tell when they are down, they are great back Davis and Spiller. They are freaks in the backfield."

On Louisville
"[They have] a great offense. A sound offense. That means our defense is going to have to come to play on Saturday at 3:30. We are going to have to play."

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