Pack Interested in Jordan

Asheton Jordan went camping for scholarship offers over the summer, attending various camps including North Carolina and South Carolina.

"South Carolina liked him well," said Ray Stackley, Goose Creek (S.C.) Stratford's head football coach. "[They] didn't offer him, said they would keep an eye on him, and still looking at him. Butch Davis himself called him into his office and talked to him. They offered him as an ‘athlete.'"

Stackley confirmed that the offer is of the verbal variety and the official paper offer has not arrived.

In addition to the USC and UNC camps, Asheton Jordan is also fielding strong interest from NC State.

"I think NC State is very high on him," Stackley said. "He has talked to them quite a bit and they call him quite regularly."

According to Stackley, Jordan has yet to establish any favorites.

"We're so early in our season now, and it's a long ways between now and Signing Day, I don't think he's anywhere close to making a commitment to anybody. I think he's listening to everyone that's talking to him."

Stackley says Jordan has made unofficial visits for games this fall, but isn't sure what schools he has visited.

Jordan stands 6-foot-2 and 205 pounds and Stackley expects him to continue to grow.

"He's really young," Stackley said. "He's a 16-year old senior… He's going through some growing stages. He's going to be a big kid. [He's] going to probably be 6-3, 235-pound kid when he quits growing. But he'll be a guy that will probably go through two more growth spurts."

Additionally, Jordan's relative speed makes him very attractive to college coaching staffs.

"He's got a real good burst," Stackley said. "He's a tall kid and he's only a 4.5 kid – he's not a 4.4-4.3 kid. But he's one of these kids that play faster on the field then he does on the clock… He's got real good game speed. He's a kid that can really pick them up and put them down. [He's] very fast in the open field. He's a very rugged type kid."

Stratford utilizes Jordan solely on the offensive side of the ball.

"He does it all for us [offensively]," Stackley said. "We were in the final four in our state last year and he was a junior. Throughout the playoffs he played h-back, he played wide receiver, he played fullback, he played tailback – we had him all over the field. We're doing the same thing with him now."

Thus far this season, Jordan has rushed for 372 yards and five touchdowns on 54 carries. He has also accumulated 295 yards and two touchdowns on 13 receptions.

On the collegiate level, Stackley projects Jordan as an outside linebacker.

"On the Division I level, I think that's where he'll be," Stackley said. "He might end up growing into an h-back/tight end type player. I don't see him as a tailback and I don't see him as a wideout, because everybody is going to wideouts that can really burn. I think he's going to probably grow into a situation where he's going to be an outside linebacker."

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