Practice Report: Harrison Beck

Sophomore quarterback Harrison Beck discusses his knee injury, the Louisville defense, and facing off against Heisman hopeful Brian Brohm.

Harrison Beck

On the injury that pulled him out of Saturday's game
"It was a minor thing I could have gone back in the game and played a couple of plays later. I guess it was just kind of a precautionary thing with them, but I could have went and played. So I just kind of stood there and watched the rest of the game."

On facing Louisville
"It's going to be cool – playing Louisville. Brian Brohm is obviously having a great year so far. It's just going to be one of those games."

"A lot of times there are expectations for games like these that there are going to be a lot of points. But it might be a game where it comes down to 15-to-whatever, or it could be a high scoring game. Either way you just want to try and win the football game. I don't really care what the score is or what the stats are."

On running the offense
"I just want to do whatever it takes to score points. Whether we have to run the ball 45 times or throw the ball 45 times, I don't care what we have to do. I just want to move the football, convert on third down, keep the chains moving. Get a flow going, that's what the games about."

On going against Brian Brohm
"It's going to be fun. You always want to compete against the best guys. It's going to be cool going out there on the field and playing against people – he's maybe going to be a first round pick in the draft. So that'll be fun."

On the big plays the Louisville defense has given up this year
"When stuff like that happens to a defense its not so much the players ability, its just breakdowns, maybe they aren't communicating as well. But they have athletes on defense."

On his eagerness to get back on the field
"I'm eager to get out there. I wanted to get back out there on Saturday but things happen. I'm just looking forward to progressing as quarterback, getting another start under my belt and doing out there and playing a good football game."

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