Commitment Diary: Terrell Manning - Week 6

Laurinburg (NC) Scotland County and NC State commitment Terrell Manning is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season.



Laurinburg (NC) Scotland County and NC State commitment Terrell Manning is doing a weekly diary for Pack that will focus on his senior season. In Manning's sixth entry he discusses last week's win, NC State's game against Clemson, and much more!

Friday, September 21
We played Westover, a team out of Fayetteville, tonight. Man, we came out real flat... I think we underestimated them. They put the first points up on us, and that's when we buckled down and started playing our kind of football. We ended up beating them 13-6. It was a tighter game than we expected, but we got the win.

They had a player on their team [Lorenzo Williams] that was going to Virginia Tech. He played safety some for them and he played some wide receiver for them. He didn't stand out too much to me, but he had a good frame.

I had about 11 tackles, and I had a sack and a forced fumble. On the fumble, the quarterback tried to run a draw. I was dropping into coverage, and I saw the run coming. When he saw me starting to come after him, he ran towards the sidelines. I didn't go for the full hit, I went for the strip and one of my teammates was able to recover it.

"We're starting to
build some momentum."

I had a sack too. Before the snap, I recognized their scheme and knew what play was coming. We had a blitz called, and once I recognized what they were going to do, I walked up to the line. Their lineman blocked down and I filled the gap too fast for the other lineman to get me. Then it was just me and the quarterback.

We're starting to build some momentum, and I like that. We usually have one loss or so by now so it's a good start for us. We've got some imrovements to make, but we're going to keep working hard. We didn't play strong against Westover, and we need to get back to working on the basics. When we do that, we will be fine.

I'll be heading up to [NC] State's game [tomorrow]. I can't wait to get up there.

Sunday, September 23
I was able to make it up to State's game, and I didn't like the outcome too much. They have a few improvements to make. I wish they would have won so I could have talked junk to a lot of people, but it will be okay. We'll take care of things down the road.

The fans were great. They knew who I was, taking pictures and everything. I was even signing autographs. I remember having a fan from Clemson come up to me and he was saying how they needed me at Clemson. I just held up my Wolfpack sign and kept right on walking.

I don't mean any disrespect to State because that is where I'm going, but even though they lose, they have one of the best environments ever. No matter how the game is going, fans are still there supporting them. Imagine when we have a winning year how it's going to be in that stadium.

"He is one of the big reasons
why I picked State."

There were a lot of recruits up there. I hung out with [Dwayne] Maddox and that was real cool. He's a real cool dude. It was our first time to really hang out together and we just talked a lot about getting up to State. We're ready to play with each other. Me and Dwayne Allen sat beside each other. He's going to take his time with the whole situation.

I hung out a lot with [linebackers] coach McCollum. If I'm not tough by the time I get there he's going to make me tough because it seems like everytime I see him he's hitting me. Me and my family look at him like he's another father for me. He is one of the big reasons why I picked State.

With all those new coaches, I wasn't looking for an undefeated team. I just want to see them make improvements and keep improving from there. I see a chance to play early, but I know it won't be given to me. I know I'm going to still have a lot of work to do. If I get up there and do the right things, there's a good possibility of playing a lot. I know I don't want to go out there until I'm ready or the coaches know I'm ready.

Tuesday, September 25
We've got Pinecrest coming to our place this Friday. I know they broke their long losing streak and have a decent record compared to what they usually have in football.

We have to come out and play hard and hopefully we can get everybody some playing time. Our goal is to get the win and that's what we're going out there to do.

"I still feel like my strength
is on the outside."

I'm still playing a lot of inside linebacker for us. They want me to use my speed and ability to play sideline-to-sideline and make a lot of plays. I still feel like my strength is on the outside, and that is where I will be playing in college.

I think after going to camps and combines I'm still getting better on the field. I think I've become more of a student of the game. In my younger days I would run around just looking for the ball and now it's more about seeing the play and watching what the offense is going to do.

I also have improved my pass coverage. It's fun dropping back into coverage because it's a chance to make another big play. The quarterback seems to lose me a lot and everytime he throws it up around me it seems like I'm always there making a play on the ball. One thing I do like is making an interception or recovering a fumble and going from defense to offense.

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