Another NC State Trip for Walker

Christchurch (VA) School star wide receiver Deion Walker's season has started slow due to a lingering injury.

The four-star wide receiver has been battling turf toe, but that didn't prevent him from reaching the endzone in his most recent game.

"I still haven't practiced in three weeks because I got turf toe in the first quarter of our first game," Deion Walker told Pack Pride. "I actually just played in my first full game on Friday. We ended up winning 34-7... that was our first win this year. I played wide receiver for us. It was the first time I put on pads and it felt good.

"The team we played triple-teamed me the entire game which was a positive because I wasn't even 100%. It allowed our other players to make a lot of plays, and I still ended up with two catches and a touchdown."

Walker has already taken an official visit to Penn State, and last weekend he headed to North Carolina State for an unofficial visit. Walker discussed the two visits.

"The only unofficial visit I've taken all season was the one to NC State," he said. "I did take my official visit to Penn State, but that's the only one of those I've taken so far.

"The Penn State visit went really well. The environment was really intense, and they threw the ball a lot when I went there. The fanbase was crazy so that was intense."

"I think I've been to NC State like six or seven times just this year," added Walker. "I was there for the Louisville game, and I think they are definitely going to be really good in the near future because they have a lot of guys redshirting and people looking to go there. I think they are going to be real good here soon."

Why has Walker visited NC State so much?

"I just like the coaches there," he said. "They are real cool guys. I like coach Bible and coach Willis a lot. It's a school with a real cool environment. I have a lot of friends who go there, and a lot of them just go to school there, they don't even play football. I always like visiting State.

"I've been able to go to a couple of their practices, and I like the offense. They definitely want to go deep or have someone running deep routes on every passing play. I saw what they did at Boston College when the staff was there, and they definitely want to throw the football down the field."

Next up for Walker is his second official visit as he is heading down to Tallahassee this weekend to visit the Florida State Seminoles.

"I'm looking for an intense environment," said Walker. "I think I will see that there. They actually play NC State. I want to see if Florida State will throw the ball deep... just a couple of things on offense. I'm going to really be watching the offense because that is a factor for me."

Walker has an official with Notre Dame scheduled for November 3rd, but his other two available trips remain open.

With nearly fifty scholarship offers on the table, Walker insists that his recruitment remains wide open. He has started to narrow his list, but he has yet to go public with the remaining schools because he feels they may come as a surprise.

"I have narrowed it down a little bit, but I haven't gone public with it yet," said Walker. "I'm thinking about committing around early December. There are still some teams that I'm still on the ropes about. I have to take certain things into consideration.

"Teams can tell me what they are going to do on offense, but I want to be able to see it first. I think a lot of teams aren't going to be on there that some people think will be so I'm going to wait a while before announcing the teams. The offenses are going to be important for me."

When asked if any teams would definitely make the cut, Walker laughed while referencing to three schools.

"I'm pretty sure all three State's will be on there," Walker said. "Probably LSU too... and Florida... there is just still a lot of schools I like.

"With [NC State, Florida State, and Penn State], I like the environments. Penn State's football environment is crazy. I probably have to say Florida State is in-between with the school and football. The environment I like at NC State is the things to do away from football. I know a lot of people that go there and I like that environment away from football."

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