Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

GREENVILLE, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media following the win over East Carolina.

Steven Hauschka

"I was very comfortable with [the fake], we practiced it all week. The look was there, the defense had the look that we wanted. It was unfortunate that a guy from East Carolina got through the block, but its exactly what we wanted to do but we just didn't execute."

"I try to keep everything the same. The last thing you want to do in a pressure situation is change what you've been doing in practice."

Jamelle Eugene

"It's kind of like a sigh of relief. We've been chipping away, chipping away and we finally hacked the tree down and broke that barrier. Got into the endzone a few times."

"We just got back down to basics man. We worked on fundamentals and things that were killing us. You could see we really didn't have too many turnovers this week. That's something we've been working on – a lot of the games we lost were because of our own mistakes."

Daniel Evans

"It's definitely a monkey off our backs – not just me but the coaches and the players. It felt good – it was a win everybody could see coming just by the way we've been preparing and practicing over the last two weeks."

"We knew we had to throw short and long and medium. We knew that their front seven was going to be hard to run the ball against so as quarterbacks and receivers we knew we were going to have to play well if we were going to win. I think we did that today."

Demario Pressley

"This is life a new for us. A new life, a new season. This game was the first game to that new season."

"The time that the offense had given up the ball, we could have just gave up. But we didn't, and I think we caused three turnovers ourselves."

Matrel Brown

"You can't control what the offense does. You have to go out there and help the offense out."

"There offensive line was pretty good. We just went out and practiced our pass rush moves all week. They had a lot of single man protection. We went out there and decided to just make a move and get to the quarterback."

James Martin

"Like now is like the greatest fielding I've had in a while. It feels like tonight we actually played as a team. Everybody was all over the field, it wasn't just one player making big plays."

"The whole team played great. The offense – we couldn't have done it without them. If they didn't put the point on the board like they did we could have been in trouble."

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