O'Brien: Evans Earns Starting Job

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien discusses the upcoming game against Virginia with the media.

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    Tom O'Brien

    "The first six games I wouldn't say that we did a great job implementing what we wanted to do, but I think we used the offweek wisely. I think it was clear to the players."

    "I think as the coaches we did a pretty good job of evaluating where we were at and where we needed to get to."

    "I don't think there is any decision to be made. I think Harrison [Beck] is a little bit better at this point (from his injury), but coming off the game Daniel [Evans] had he has earned the right to be the starter."

    "We'll see how Harrison does this week, but it's been a long time since he's been in a football game and played a lot. Right now Daniel is the quarterback and will play."

    "[Beck] wasn't ready to take a hit fully I don't think last Saturday, but I think he should be better this week. We'll see how he is as the week goes on."

    "No, [Jake Vermiglio's ejection] won't affect his availability. He's a freshman and he made a stupid mistake. He paid a price for it, and it won't happen again."

    "[The offensive linemen] did a great job. We lost [Julian] Williams last Tuesday in practice and it gave us a couple of days to try and shuffle some things around. [Kalani] Heppe did a nice job playing both guard and tackle. We had a lot of different substitutions. I think they are feeling more comfortable with what we're doing, but once again it's one game and the challenge is to see what we do against Virginia this week."

    "They executed much better. One of the things that we had to do was cut down on the number of turnovers. We still had three, I count three because I count my call running the fake field goal, but I think the kids did a great job on defense getting turnovers. Every opportunity we had that was created by our defense we ended up scoring on."

    "We tackled much better than we had the first six games of the year, and we did a much better job throwing and catching the ball. A lot of little things we made improvements in the offweek and hopefully we can get better this week and keep it going."

    "[Jameel] Sewell is the wildcard. He's very athletic. He's very dangerous if he gets out of the pocket and gets into the open field."

    "They are big, physical, and it's smash-mouth football. We better be ready to defend the run and defend the play-action pass."

    "When you've got Chris Long playing at the level he's playing and some of the athletes they have upfront, it's going to be a tremendous challenge for us."

    "The challenge is we have to do it again this week. That game is over."

    "We made some plays on offense and defense to get to that, and that's just a big, big boost to the football team."

    "It's only one game. This game is going to tell us a lot about this football team. That's the challenge. Can you do it two weeks in a row. The season isn't over."

    "[Donald] Bowens did a great job catching the ball on Saturday night."

    "As we did our evaluations and looked to see who the best four was in the secondary, we thought the two safeties, Javon Walker and DaJuan Morgan, gave us the best chance to win the football game for what their performance was in the previous six games in our evaluations. They played well throughout the game so there wasn't any reason to take either of them out."

    "The whole defense, whoever we had out there, did a much better job of tackling."

    "From the Louisville game to Florida State, we finally got guys back healthy upfront and became more of a unit upfront. It doesn't happen overnight, but now they had three weeks of practice going into this game. We were much more efficient upfront."

    "We made the decision to play [Markus] Kuhn backup to [Martrel] Brown to get a little more size in the game because he really has good speed and good quickness and to give us a little more power upfront to defend the run."

    "We did a good job and forced them to become one-dimensional with throwing the ball."

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