Practice Report: Mike Archer

Mike Archer spoke with the media after Tuesday's practice and discussed the Pack's performance against ECU and this week's game with Virginia.

Mike Archer

On the line's ability to get to the quarterback last week:
"A lot of those sacks were coverage sacks. He had to hold the ball. It was a combination of the back seven guys doing a good job of knocking them around in the coverage and the guys doing a good job of rushing the passer.

"It was by far the best pass rush we had, but we got them into some predictable situations."

Thoughts on Markus Kuhn:
"He's bigger and he's stronger. He's 280 pounds – him and Martrel [Brown] are both pretty solid guys. You can put the other two guys, the tall skinny guys, on the other side and let them play in space."

On the improved tackling against ECU:
"I think what happened last week was we had the extra time – we did [the tackling drill] for four straight days as opposed to doing it for five minutes. We took a longer period in the off-week and we emphasized we had to get a lot better at it."

Thoughts on UVA's offensive line:
"This is probably the biggest offensive line and I think probably the most talented and athletic offensive line. The two tackles are 6'7, one guard is 6'6, and the center is the best player of all. He does a lot of pulling... they are all experienced."

On the Virginia tight ends:
"The tight ends make them even better because all three tight ends are really big and good. The tight ends are their leading receivers – they do a lot of things."

On the interceptions:
"I was making a joke today that our defensive linemen have more interceptions than our linebackers or our secondary. We've been kind of rubbing it in, but I hope it will inspire our guys to catch the ball when we have opportunities."

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