Locker Room Report: Donald Bowens

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State wide receiver Donald Bowens met the media following the win over Virginia.

Donald Bowens

"It was a big game. I just tried to make plays. We're all trying to win. With it being a new season, I just wanted to help our team win. Virginia is a great team, but I knew I could run by them [defensive backs] because they just sat there and I knew they wouldn't be able to turn around in time."

"Daniel did a great job. He put the ball on the money. He put the ball where the receiver could mkae a play. He's always been a confident guy. Tonight he made some good plays."

"We never lost confidence. As far as a new season goes, we're looking forward to winning all these games. The bye week helped because we got to work on fundamentals."

"I just wanted to win for coach O'Brien and the team."

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