PC: Eugene, Gray Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State players Jamelle Eugene and Jeremy Gray met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Miami.

Jamelle Eugene

"It's really like a new season for us."

"I made the decision that I wanted to play football and Miami was the first place I looked... Miami, Florida, Florida State. The Orange Bowl was the closest place to me. That's the only place I watched a college or professional game at, was in Miami. I've always looked forward to playing in the Orange Bowl and it has a special meaning now that it's the last season."

"I saw the talent in practice but to put it together in a game, you can't really say you expect somebody to put up 200+ yards and 11 receptions. The potential was always there. We have a lot of receivers that have the same potential. It's just whether or not the opportunity is given and whether or not they take advantage of those opportunities."

"[The offensive line has] more confidence. They are believing in each other more. They feel like if they do their jobs good things can happen. You can see it in their faces. They are getting a little swagger up front."

"We feel like the coaches are trying to take care of us. We had time to heal and get back to the basics... we've just got that mindset that we are going to follow the coaches and be 100% behind them like they are behind us."

"I don't know, it depends on how many tickets I get. How many I could have? I could have easily 40 people there."

"You can't be satisfied in this position in this sport. It's a blessing. I'm happy we're winning games, and I'm a part of us winning games. I'm excited about it."

"Everybody was saying they have this guy and that guy, but I'm a competitor. I want to compete. I didn't want the job given to me. I wanted to earn everything. That's how you earn respect, that's how you earn confidence. I just felt like that's where God wanted me to be. Just because someone else was coming here was not going to determine whether or not I would be here."

"The coaches always trusted in us and believed in us and now it feels like we're returning the trust and belief and it's paying off."

Jeremy Gray

"We had to do some soul-searching and see how much we wanted it. We had to come to practice and compete for positions."

"I think we always believed, but we just had a hard time getting turnovers and stuff... we did pretty good most of the season, but we had a few games we slipped up a little bit."

"We had a lot of injuries. We're getting a lot of people back so now we're doing pretty good."

"It was hard. People say you can't catch... stuff like that. You've got to prove them wrong."

"We can do a lot more blitzing."

"It can break down anytime. In zone somebody is always open. It's just if the quarterback can see them or not. That's why you need that pressure."

"We're starting to believe now. We played the first part of the season... like two quarters, three quarters. Now we're putting it together."

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