No Change for Walker

With nearly fifty scholarship offers on the table, Christchurch (VA) wide receiver Deion Walker knows that picking a college won't be easy.

With nearly fifty scholarship offers on the table, Christchurch (VA) wide receiver Deion Walker knows that picking a college won't be easy.

Joe Paterno and Penn State hosted Walker and his family in early September. The first weekend in October was Bobby Bowden's turn as Walker visited Florida State on October 3rd. He has one more visit scheduled and remains unsure about his final two trips.

"Florida State was a real good visit," said Walker. "I had a good time and met a lot of cool people. I saw a good environment when I was at their game against NC State.

"The game was pretty cool. It went back and forth in the first half and then after the rain delay the game just changed and Florida State ended up taking over."

"I go to Notre Dame on the third of November," Walker added. "That's the only other one I have scheduled for now. I'm not real sure about the other two. I'll probably go to Southern Cal and I'm not really sure where I'm going on the other one."

Big factors in Walker's decision will be the long-term future of the programs and the value each school places on the passing game.

"I watched a couple of games lately," he said. "I watched the Virginia Tech-Boston College game... that one was good. A lot of schools have been doing well, but it's hard to say because I have to base my decision on what they are going to be able to do in a few years, not really what they are doing right now.

"I'm also looking at how they use their wide receivers and the way they pass the ball around."

Because he is keeping his recruitment close to the vest, Walker's decision will be watched closely. He stated that he has narrowed down his list, but won't reveal any of his finalists although he did say three programs are recruiting him the hardest at this time.

"I've narrowed it down some, but I haven't put it out there," said Walker. "It's down to about eight or nine, but I've not told anyone who they are just yet.

"I'd probably have to say that NC State, Penn State, and Florida State are recruiting me the hardest. They make the most phone calls when they can, and they make it a point to talk to me as much as they can."

Because they can now make in-school visits and attend games, colleges are beginning to turn up the heat. Recruiting coaches play a major role in a player's decision because often times that coach is responsible for selling his program. Which coaches stick out to Walker?

"I'd probably have to say the coaches that stand out are coach Willis from NC State, coach McCarthy from LSU, coach Gonzalez from Florida, and a lot of the coaches from Penn State," he said. "Coach McCarthy is a real cool guy. We talk about a lot of good things.

"Coach Willis is just a real cool guy all together. Man, we talk about everything. He has a kid that went through the same process that I'm going through now. He knows what to look for, and he's told me some of those things."

It seems like NC State is the darkhorse in Walker's recruitment. When analysts breakdown his recruitment, most will point to FSU or Penn State or even LSU as his potential destination, but few rarely mention the Wolfpack. Walker maintains they are definitely in contention.

"I haven't seen all the schools out west, but I've always liked NC State," he stated. "They are in there for sure. I grew up in Charlotte and I have a lot of friends at NC State. I've been to NC State about six or seven times this year, and I'm going to try and go back a couple more times. Many people don't know how much I like NC State."

Expect a decision later this year from Walker.

"I'm not sure on those visits, but I've decided that I want to make my decision in December. That just seems like the right time for me to get it done."

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