Mattes Ready to Start Official Visits

R.J. Mattes has been consistent with his top five schools and now he's ready to begin his official visits. He'll kick it off at NC State this coming weekend.

Robinson's (Concord, N.C.) 2007 season, 6-7, 275-pound Robinson offensive tackle R.J. Mattes, a 4-star recruit, is also just a week away from making his first official visit. Mattes didn't expect his college decision to take a long time to make, but it appears that it really is just beginning.

"I wasn't planning to take so long to make my decision. It kind of just happened that way," said Mattes, who will likely make a commitment in January. "That is just the way things panned out because of my football season."

N.C. State will the first official visit destination, but Mattes has also scheduled an official visit to UNC for the weekend of December 1st. He had scheduled an official to South Carolina for the weekend of December 8th, but he will have to reschedule after being selected to the Shrine Bowl.

Mattes says he will reschedule the trip to South Carolina probably for a weekend in January. He also plans to make official visits to Clemson and Virginia. The talented prospect will visit Virginia later this month for the Virginia Tech game, but whether or not that trip will be an official visit remains to be seen.

"I think I might make the Virginia Tech game my official visit, but I'm not quite sure," Mattes said. "It'll either be then or some weekend in January. Regardless, I definitely plan on going to the Virginia Tech game."

Clemson, North Carolina, N.C. State, South Carolina and Virginia make up Mattes' five finalists. He says there is no favorite among the group and adds that official visits will make the difference in his final decision.

Mattes is pleased with the way he has played this season, and his play was rewarded with a selection to the Shrine Bowl.

"I was real excited when I got the call to be in the Shrine Bowl," Mattes said. "I've dreamed about it since I first started playing varsity football in my sophomore year. It was a goal for me to make it and I've done it."

Unofficial visits...

While he has not made any official visits just yet, Mattes has made a handful of unofficial visits to check out games this season. He has not yet been to a Virginia game because he visited there so much before this year, but he has been to his other four finalists. Was there a favorite experience?

"All of them have been great games, but I have to say that the Clemson/Florida State night game was just crazy," Mattes said. "It was real loud."

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