PC: Brown, Evans Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State players Martrel Brown and Daniel Evans met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina.

Martrel Brown

"We've got to get a win...another win. We just won three games in a row in a new season, so our first priority is thinking about it as the next game. We've got to get another win."

"Then we're thinking about North Carolina as our rivalry. We've lost to them three years in a row... it's a rivalry around here. We have to do something to make a difference in this game."

"A bowl sounds nice but we're trying to get our next win... that's our #1 priority... just to win the next game."

"We've got to get turnovers... get the ball into our offense's hands so they can do their work and try and get some points on the board."

"We're finally winning. We haven't done that in a long time around here so we're finally getting some wins. It's making us feel better about ourselves, and we're getting a little confidence around here that we can win some games."

"I haven't done it either. I was here when Philip Rivers was here and he done it but that was the last person who done it. I think it would be very good for the team, the fans, everyone around here to beat Carolina. We haven't done it in three years. We've got to do something to get the ball rolling."

"A loss is a loss. Any loss is a loss. A loss is tough. I don't like to lose in anything... losing to Carolina is a loss."

"It's a rivalry. We've got to beat these guys because they are our rival... it's a must-win when we play these guys."

"It was basically a wake-up call for me."

"It was a team thing. We just came together. We just decided we've got to stop losing... just start winning some games."

"Man you can't tell from [Coach O'Brien's] actions... you don't know if he's mad, sad, or happy. He's very calm. He looks the same all the time. I guess he's happy. That's a picture right there... if he looked the way he looks all the time on there I don't think Coca Cola would want anybody to buy a drink."

"I think it's the same thing here. We've got guys that are on scholarship for a reason. Whether they are on second or third-string they are here to be able to play football. Guys have got to step up... they know the system and they know what it takes to get the job done. Guys have done a good job stepping up. With Jamelle coming in at tailback and Jake stepping up on the line, we've got guys stepping up and making plays.

Daniel Evans

"I think the coaches have been harping on it in practice and we've heard since the beginning of the season that is the formula for success."

"Whether we lost by one point or 30 points is that big of a deal.. it's just a matter of losing to Carolina. I've heard people say we could go 1-11 and beat Carolina and people around here are going to be happy."

"It's a big one for us and for them."

"That's the only one that I would go to school and all the little Carolina kids running around would be making fun of me and laughing at me. They didn't care if we lost to Maryland or UVA. The Carolina-NC State game really mattered every year. It's bragging rights, not only for the players and the students, but for little kids and their parents too."

"[Daniel's sister that attends UNC] is an NC State supporter. She doesn't really get into it. She's over there getting her degree and using them for economic gain. It's not really an athletic thing. She's at all our games. She'll travel and watch us. She supports her brothers."

"Kids get ruthless... they'll tear you apart if you're going for State and State loses or vice versa. I could remember being excited when State would win, and I'd go in and talk some smack too."

"I think we're converting on third downs and not turning the ball over... staying on the field. We're keeping the ball and trying to get three or seven everytime. Scheme-wise we're not doing anything different. It's just a matter of taking care of the ball and letting our defense make plays."

"He's a man of faith and he passed that on to us... that football is not the biggest thing. He encouraged us to do the best that we can, but he's not one of those drivers that you see in so many parents of athletes. Just knowing that football is not the ultimate and football is not the main driving force in my life... my faith in the Lord is the thing that I can rely on."

"Well at Miami they dropped two which always helps... their defensive backs dropped two. I don't know if there is anything in my head that has been different. I just think we didn't throw interceptions. Our receivers are great at being one-on-one. I think all our quarterbacks know that if it's one-on-one the ball is not going to get picked... they'll go up there and fight their butts off."

"The way our defense is playing, I can cut my losses and throw the ball out of bounds and punt the ball."

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