Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met the media following the win over North Carolina.

Tom O'Brien

"We took the ball in and made the most of the opportunity. We were able to stop them on the last drive there. It was a great team victory and we're very happy with it."

"They are a good football team. You're going to have ebb and flow."

"We had them there in the 4th and 10 and let them out of it... four times from the seven-yard line and they couldn't get in. That's a credit to our defense."

"When it came crunchtime at the end we ran the ball in... that's the way we're going to do. We're going to give the ball to #29 over there and he's going to win it for us."

"He's been carrying a heavy, heavy load. I haven't had a back that's had to do this for probably six or seven years."

"A lot of credit goes to the coaching staff there. Some guys, when they aren't playing might get down... being a senior it was very important to a lot of these seniors to go out winners against North Carolina."

"You'll have to wait and see next year."

"We're playing the way that we have to play to win football games. That's what this game is about... putting your people in a position and giving them the best chance to win."

"I knew the ABC rule from my days at Virginia... we had two Carolina's this year but we still have to play another team from North Carolina next week so the hunt goes on."

"They are the best fans in this state by far. It's not even close there. They gave this team a big boost too."

"I told the team that these games are marathons, they aren't sprints. You have to want it. This is how rivalries go. I want to thank the Wolfpack nation for hanging in there with us and keeping the energy high. They were a big part of this win as well."

"You have to give the team credit. If this was the first half of the season, we might have lost by 100 points, but we're a different team now, we've improved a lot. The coaching staff is doing a good job of calling plays and the kids trust them."

"[Willie Young] is going to be a great player someday. If he gains 20 pounds he'll be a dominant player. He makes great plays for us. We were able to find a way to win even with them knocking it in to the endzone. It was a great team effort."

"Jamelle Eugene is like the energizer bunny. He just kept moving and plugging along."

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