Lowe, Pack Ready for Season Opener

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe met with the media today to discuss Thursday's season opener against William & Mary.

Sidney Lowe

"This is kind of for real now so I'm anxious to see where we are... everybody is healthy."

"You hope that you're ready to go and your guys can control that anticipation and eagerness... this is time where you want to certainly win games. Everybody is fresh, it doesn't matter who you're playing against, and you know they are going to come in and play hard and play well. We have to be on our game."

"Basketball is basketball. You still have to play the right way, play smart, play hard... that is the same. The other parts of the job of college coaching is different. NBA is pure basketball. If you are someone who loves the game, you're in heaven because it's pure basketball. You talk about it all day, you don't have to be concerned about study hall, making sure tutors are there... but it is a greater reward here. You have a chance to impact these young men's lives and hopefully sending them in the right direction."

[Javy Gonzalez] has practiced the last couple of days. Right now we just want him to come in and run our show, run the offense and be able to spot up and make a shot, which he can do. He's a decent shooter. We don't want him to try and do too much, we just want him to come in and make sure we don't have a drop off."

"That's the role of guys coming off your bench... to make sure you don't have a dropoff. If anything you want to try and increase a lead, certainly I think with the guys we have coming off the bench we have a chance to do that. Our bench is probably going to be, if not more important, just as important, as our starters. They are going to be major factors in our season."

"We're younger than I thought we were... you say we've got four returning starters, but Courtney and Ben being juniors, they really never played a couple of years ago. When you look at other guys we're going to count on, Dennis Horner, J.J. Hickson, Javy, Farnold... these are young guys. Just looking out on the floor yesterday, one of the coaches said to me, 'Coach we're really not that old. We're going to have guys for a few years.' That's a good thing, that's a good thing. I also see that our guys understand. They understand exactly what we have to do."

"They can't pace themselves this year because they have people behind them capable of coming in and getting the job done."

"Trevor Ferguson has been playing unbelievable in practice. He's really been playing well... really well. Dennis is playing well, obviously J.J. Tracy is doing a nice job. Those guys on the other team, they are pushing those starters so they can't relax. They know I won't hesitate to take them out of the game if they are not out there doing the right thing. Trevor has been doing a really nice job for us. Hopefully that translate onto the court."

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