Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe met the media following the win over William & Mary.

Sidney Lowe

"He had a phenominal game... 31 points in 30 minutes. Big baskets down the stretch... big baskets when we needed them when that team was making a run."

"Just getting athletic rebounds above the rim and putting them back in... he played a great game."

"His passion and his desire, that's the way he practices."

"We had some wide open looks and we couldn't knock them down."

"That's how I feel about my guys. He played a great game, and at the time I wanted to give him a hug and just tell him great game."

"We played them both together a little bit tonight. When we put Ben in the first half he got those two fouls so we had to take him back out of the game. The second half he was in there and the other team started making a run so we had to go back with J.J."

"Each game is going to dictate something different. I don't think tonight's game was any indication of minutes... I think tonight's game just called for J.J. to play a little more tonight."

"I know what Ben is capable of doing. His minutes will come. He's okay. Ben's fine. Again tonight it was just a game. We were trying to win the game and J.J. was playing well so we had to ride with J.J. There's going to be games where Ben is playing well, and we're going to ride with Ben."

"We still have another guy over there, Tracy, who can play too. We're going to need all four of those guys."

"There is no hesitation for me to just look down the bench and call the other guy in. That's definitely a luxury to have."

"We're going to try to see which team is best for us to start the ballgame. We have six starters. We know Ben is a starter. We have six starters. The key is making sure we play the guys getting it done."

"I don't dictate the minutes, but we know those three bigs are definitely going to play... and we still have Tracy who is waiting who can play as well."

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