Pack Offers Four-Star JC OL

NC State is pursuing Butler (KS) standout Wade Weibert, one of the top junior college offensive line prospects in the country.

Football is more than just a game to Wade Weibert... he loves it. Attending a small high school in Kansas, he didn't receive much recruiting attention so he had to attend junior college so he could reach his dream of playing Division I college football.

"Out of high school it was mainly just junior colleges and NAIA schools for me," said Weibert. "I was about 6'5 and 250 pounds, and I think that hurt my recruitment. I know I went to Colorado State before my senior year and I did real well at their camp, but they said my weight was going to hinder my recruitment.

"I also think it hurt me that I played in Kansas. We were 3A, and to get recruited out of there you had to really be put on a platform so a lot of people can see you. It's not the best competition, and I didn't go to a whole lot of Division-I camps, so I knew I had to go to a junior college."

Weibert enrolled at Butler County Community College, and after gaining nearly fifty pounds he is having a strong sophomore season playing offensive guard for the Grizzlies.

"I've done real well," he said. "Each week I've finished towards the top of our offensive line performers, and I've been real pleased with how our team is playing.

"We're undefeated, and we actually play for the national title on December 1st against Snow College. I'm really excited about that. That's pretty much the reason I came to Butler was so I could win a championship."

Weibert's play has also caught the eye of college recruiters. Last month he picked up his first official offer when Kansas State sent him a scholarship.

"My first offer was from Kansas State," said Weibert. "That was great. I've grown up in a family dominated by K-State fans so I've always been raised around Wildcat fans. The idea that I could end up playing for them was exciting for me, and I also wanted to play on D-1 level so when they offered it all became so real."

Was it hard for Weibert to not jump all over the offer and commit on the spot?

"It really wasn't," he said. "I made up my mind in the spring when my coach told me I could end up being recruited real heavily that I wasn't going to take my first offer.

"I wanted to stay open and not cheat myself. I'm a Kansas State fan but if someone else offers and is a better fit, I'll go there. I don't want to cheat myself out of that opportunity."

Recently he picked up his second offer from the NC State Wolfpack.

"NC State offered me just last week," said Weibert. "I kind of thought they were going to offer because one of the coaches came here and he talked with me about how they felt like they need guys to come in and compete for offensive line spots.

"I'm pretty confident in my ability so I knew that if they saw some of my film, I was going to get offered. I go against guys like Swanson Miller everyday in practice so it definitely makes me more confident that on Saturday's I'll be ready for anybody."

What does he think of being offered by NC State?

"I was excited to get that offer," Weibert stated. "They are in the ACC. That's a big-time conference with a lot of history. I know there is a need for linemen, and I like that.

"I really want to visit them. I don't have anything set up yet, but I'm thinking we're looking at the first week or two in December. I don't think I'll be able to go on my visits until after the bowl game, so it will probably have to be in December."

NC State landed tight end R.J. Armstrong from Butler after signing day and he has been a major contributor for the Wolfpack's offense. Weibert recently spoke with Armstrong about NC State.

"I'm good friends with R.J.," he said. "I actually talked with him a little [Tuesday], and he said that he really likes it there a lot. He was our tight end last year, and he's a good player.

"I think having guys that you know at a school helps because you're comfortable with someone and they can tell you how it really is there. I like that they will give you more of an unbiased opinion on what that college is like."

Weibert is happy to have offers from NC State and Kansas State, but he wouldn't mind if some other colleges jumped in.

"I'm kind of hoping more do jump in," he said. "I would feel better with more options. I'm definitely comfortable with both of those schools. I know I'm comfortable with Kansas State because I'm familiar with them, and I want to check out NC State. It wouldn't really matter if some others don't offer, but just for my own piece of mind I would like to see them do it."

If other schools are interested they better hurry. Weibert is a mid-year enrollee and has to have his decision made by mid-December.

"I'm enrolling in January, and I'll have three to play two years," he said. "That's big for me that I can enroll in January. I never had any idea how important spring drills are because we didn't have them in high school.

"It's a time where all you do is practice and work on your fundamentals and getting better. That's one thing I definitely learned last spring. Last fall at this time I wasn't half the player I am now so I think spring drills are incredibly important. That will give me a half a year to start focusing on the new offensive system and techniques. I think it's definitely an advantage for me."

What will be the biggest factor in Weibert's decision?

"I think my biggest factor is how comfortable I am in the atmosphere," he said. "I want to be comfortable with the players, with the coaching staff, and with the area.

"I have to be really comfortable to perform at my best. I don't want any kind of worries in my head. After that it's going to be playing time and things like that. I want to be challenged, but I don't want to go in to a place where all they are looking for is depth. Both schools said they need guys that can come in and make an impact right away, and that is what I'm trying to do."

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