PC: Blackman, Morgan Meet the Media

RALEIGH, NC -- NC State players Darrell Blackman and DaJuan Morgan met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against Maryland.

Darrell Blackman

"We waited until the second half to get things going."

"It's hard trying to get back into a game after you started down 21-3... it's hard to fight uphill the whole game."

"Working with them and listening to them from day one since they got here and just trying to develop as a receiver... I wasn't used to going out, lining up wide, and catching deep balls."

"I got to learn a lot and had the opportunity to learn a new position... I don't have regrets about it."

"He's been one of the workhorses that we've had who kind of put the team on his back."

DaJuan Morgan

"You're trying to match the physicality of the other team because it's a physical game."

"Everything I go into it's physical for me because that's the way I play the game. I'm used to it."

"I know I gave it my all because I play hard and physical."

"I think it's just the change in the atmosphere, having new coaches, a new system."

"Last time we were in the same situation, I think we won more than one game in the first half of the season."

"There comes a time when you face adversity, we know how to handle that now."

"The main thing it comes down to is focus... a lot of guys weren't really focused and it showed in the first half of the game."

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