Tank Tyler cancels trip to NC State

Demarcus "Tank" Tyler's phone stays busy. Between the coaches calling looking for his services and reporters looking for his latest thoughts, he is a tough player to get a conversation with. However, he is patient, and he talked with TSW to update the latest news on his recruiting progress.

The breaking news from Fayetteville is that Tank cancelled his official visit to NC State. His dad who lives in Arkansas will be coming into North Carolina for a visit, and family comes first. "My dad is coming into town this weekend, so I had to cancel my trip to Raleigh. He only comes in maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I will reschedule later."

Tank still lists Ohio State, NC State and UNC as his top three as of now, however he told The Insiders' Scott Kennedy on Tuesday that he may have a dark horse in the making. "I was happy to see my boys from Arkansas do well though. That's where I'm originally from, and that's where I still consider home. I haven't heard much from them, but I would give them a look if they called."

Tyler was not able to make the NC State-UNC game this past weekend. He was taking the SAT like many fellow students across the nation. We asked Tank if he watched the game. "I watched it, but I really did not pull for anyone. Whoever was down, that was who I pulled for. State was down early and I pulled for them to come back. Then, when they got the lead, I pulled for Carolina. It was a good game."

Tank will reschedule his visit to NC State soon. He also has not set up his visit to UNC. He has a scheduled visit to Ohio State on November 2nd.

E.E. Smith currently has a 7-1 record. While official stats are not kept on pancake blocks, Tank knows his numbers are up. "I have way more smashes than I have ever got in a year."

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