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RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media today following the Wolfpack's practice.

Tom O'Brien

Thoughts on Marcus Stone as captain:
He's done a great job this year. I think the team made a great choice when they elected him co-captain. They have a tremendous amount of respect for him.

DaJuan Morgan said this game can define your season. Is that a lot to put on this one game?
I think we've already defined our season the second half coming back, but it certainly could go along way towards proving we are a good enough football team to be 5-1 and to come all the way back from the hole we were in.

I think certainly with that four-game streak changed the perspective and image of who and what we are, but the goal is to win six games and hopefully that will get you to a bowl game. That's what we want to do every year... not just win six but go to a bowl.

How pleased have you been with his play at free safety?
I think if there were two things that changed this football team it was when we moved DaJuan to safety and Jamelle Eugene to tailback. I think on both sides of the ball those two guys probably had the biggest impact as an individual on this five-game stretch we've been in.

Are you going to flatten the field out next year?
Someone asked me what I would do if I had a wishlist of things to do, and that would be the first thing. The field hasn't been redone in 30 years... all they've done is pile more dirt on it. It needs a drainage system and it needs to be leveled.

We need to look into doing some things, but I guess that is between Mr. Fowler and I when the season is over.

How many practices do you get if you go to a bowl?
As many as I want... you're limited by exams.

Is that a case of the rich getting richer with all those practices?
It helps. You figure we probably average 15 or so, without game preparation, at BC every year. In eight years, that's 120 practices... that's 60 practices in a four-year period that you get for guys who are fifth-year seniors that they wouldn't have. It's another spring practice is what it comes down to.

It's really important to the freshmen when you redshirt kids because we work them as much as we work... we try to keep the older guys at a certain level. We're not going to kill them because they've got to recover... it's a great time to look at the freshmen, to see where they are and get them to where they are more advanced when we do start spring practice.

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