Locker Room Report: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met the media following the loss to Maryland.

Tom O'Brien

"I don't think we executed very well. We didn't block them up front, which we had to do on offense, and we couldn't stay on the field on offense."

"It's a tough day. It's a tough day for the seniors. I feel sorry for those kids. They've put a lot in the program."

"We have to look to the future now, we have to evaluate some things... personnel, and go from there."

"I think we'll start it fresh. We learned a lot about the players here and hopefully they learned a lot from us."

"I thought we practiced well, we were in to it, no different than the way we were the previous weeks. You have to give Maryland credit."

"I think we've got to do a much better job up front, I think the whole offensive operation. I think everybody is at fault. We don't block them, we don't catch the ball, we don't execute some things... the whole offensive operation is under review for sure."

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