Coples Remains Open

CHATHAM, VA -- Defensive end Quinton Coples had a big-time senior season, and he was able to showcase his talent in front of a bunch of college coaches at Hargrave's annual combine.

"I had a great year," Quinton Coples told Pack Pride. "I was leading the team in sacks so it was pretty good. I made the All-American Bowl so it's been real good.

With dozens of scholarship offers, Coples can almost pick the college he wants to attend. How coveted is he? When Hargrave's intrasquad scrimmage was over, Coples was swarmed by coaches from programs such as NC State, North Carolina, Florida State, and East Carolina. With all of the attention, he still remains wide open.

"It's open," said Coples with a big smile. "I'm more focused on my school work and stuff. I have a 'B' average so everything is real good. I'm trying to maintain that and get out of here."

He has one visit scheduled but mentioned that at least two other programs will receive officials.

"I go to Florida State this weekend," Coples stated. "That's all I know. I don't know about the other ones. I know I'm going to [NC] State and [North] Carolina, but I don't know about the dates."

Players committed to two of these three schools reside at Hargrave. Sam Jones and Kyle Linney have committed to NC State, and talented wideout Dwight Jones verbaled to North Carolina last year. Have they been in the talented defensive end's ear?

"They'll say something, but they haven't really been pressuring me," said Coples. "They haven't been trying to pressure me to commit to their school or anything. They are going to let me make my own decision."

Before hitting the showers and heading back to the barrocks, Coples discussed what he liked about the three programs he will definitely visit.

"[North Carolina] is a great program," he said. "You've got John Blake there, and he's all about getting people to the league... taking care of you. The coaching staff is friendly. Everything is like home.

"Florida State... I met Chuck Amato when he was at State. I don't really know too much... I'm going to take this visit and find out a little bit more about them. I know they do put players in the league, and they have a lot of people in the league currently. They do a good job defensive-wise, and I heard they let their ends go loose.

"With [NC] State, they've got coach Willis, and he's a hard man. He's straightforward, and he gives you all the details. They are straight up. They don't pressure you about coming and they just let you know how it is... what they are going to do for you there."

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