Shrine Focus: Nick Becton

ROEBUCK, S.C. -- It's been a hectic few days for Wilmington (NC) New Hanover star Nick Becton.

After visiting NC State two weekends ago, Nick Becton had just completed his second official visit, to Virginia Tech, when he received the news that he had been added to the Shrine Bowl roster.

"I just started packing and getting ready to come down here," said the low-key Becton.

The Virginia Tech visit was still fresh on his mind.

"It was good," said Becton. "I had a good time. I got to meet a lot of players and I hung out with them."

At NC State, he was hosted by former teammate George Bryan, a freshman tight end for the Wolfpack. Also on an official visit at the same time was Shelby (NC) Crest linebacker Dwayne Maddox, a NC State commitment who is down at the Shrine Bowl still trying to convince Becton to join him in Raleigh.

"The NC State visit was good," said Becton. "I met my man right here [Maddox], and I had a good time. I hung out with George Bryan and a couple of other freshmen that were there.

"George was my host. He did a good job showing me around. I had a good time with him. I got to ask him about how it is being there."

Becton is a tremendous prospect. Listed at 6-foot-6 and 305 pounds, he towers over the other linemen and has outstanding athleticism. How good of an athlete is Becton? Virginia Tech is recruiting him as a defensive lineman.

With such a huge upside, he is still a bit raw. He just completed his second year playing football, as he always played basketball growing up. He still plays on the hardwood, winning a state title with New Hanover last year and tearing down a couple of backboards here recently... literally.

"Before my football season ended I shattered one of our side goals in our gym... it wasn't a breakaway rim," said Beckman. "I just jumped up there and shattered it. In the game [against Greenville Rose], they took a bad shot and our guard got a long rebound and passed it up to me. I was in the middle, took a drop-step, and dunked it. The rim came down, I was cut up, bleeding... but it was crazy."

Becton has in mind what he is looking for. Sporting a 4.0+ GPA, he is fully qualified and intends on pursuing a business degree.

"Business... really I can go to any school with that and get the same thing," he stated. "If I work hard I can do what I need to do. I'm just looking at the colleges... a lot of these schools have good business schools, so that's fine with me."

Originally he intended on visiting NC State, Virginia Tech, Penn State, Alabama, and South Carolina. He has already visited the Wolfpack and Hokies and was slated to take a trip to Penn State this weekend but that was canceled after learning that he would be playing in the Shrine Bowl.

Now it sounds like he might be done with visits and could be closing in on making a decision.

"I had Penn State this weekend and I had to cancel that because I'm playing in this game," said Becton. "I've got to figure out what I'm going to do about that after this. I don't know [about rescheduling]. I've got to figure that out.

"I don't know really... I'm getting close to making a decision. I'm not really leaning anywhere. I think I'm going to think about it all this week and this weekend. I might make a decision here real soon."

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