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Despite a 4-3 start that includes losses to East Carolina and New Orleans, Sidney Lowe says its not time to 'push the panic button' for the Wolfpack.

Sidney Lowe

On the big gaps between games in the schedule:
"It's difficult when you have that much time between games. Guys get tired of playing against each other and at times you wear yourself out. You would rather be in competition and getting that contact. But the schedule is what it is and we have to move forward with it."

On practice this week
"We've gone pretty good but we haven't gone the full time because of exams, obviously we've given the guys time to study for that. But we've had enough time to get in and go hard and work on some things that we want to improve in."

"Our last two practices were pretty good, pretty aggressive. We should be ready to play based on the way we've been practicing."

On the difference at the end of ECU and UNO
"Mentally we broke down towards the end from a defensive standpoint. We allowed a certain guy to get the ball and get a shot that he shouldn't have. I think that's the biggest difference right now, being able to finish those games and not make those mistakes."

On the defensive lapses
"Its mental. Maybe its forgetting to cover down and taking their eye off of their man and watching the ball and the guy might come off of a screen and get a shot off. I think its mental I don't think its a physical effort."

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