Scruggs Talks Wolfpack Visit

Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier defensive end Greg Scruggs tripped to NC State this past weekend. What did he think of his visit?

Cincinnati (OH) St. Xavier defensive end Greg Scruggs headed down to Raleigh this past weekend to visit NC State.

"It went well," said Scruggs. "All of my visits are shorter than others because I play basketball so there's a lot to cram in, but it was good. There's good people down there, and it's a nice place. They have some good facilities.

"Keith Willis Jr. was my host. Keith is cool, he's a cool guy. He's open, a lot like myself."

What was the highlight of the visit for Scruggs?

"I would say meeting with coach Willis, the defensive line coach," he said. "We sat down and talked about a lot of things, and I think that was good. I want to establish that relationship before I get to a school with my position coach, and we were able to sit down and really get to know each other."

Scruggs burst on the scene this year in his first season playing football since junior high school. Last year he was playing in his school's band, and now he's one of the fastest-rising football prospects in the country.

At 6-foot-5 and 225-pounds, Scruggs is still raw, but he has a ton of athleticism and flashed big-play potential for St. Xavier. NC State is recruiting him as a pass-rushing defensive end.

"Coach Willis mentioned that No. 97 is back, and he was saying how I could help complement him," said Scruggs. "He said they haven't signed any defensive ends yet, and he thinks they are going to take three. He said he wants someone to come in and raise hell like No. 97 does for them."

Scruggs has already visited Tennessee, but he admitted that it is hard to compare the two visits.

"Each place is special for its own reason," he stated. "I don't think I'll be able to compare any of the schools I'm visiting because they are all different.

"I'm still going to visit Wake Forest, Michigan State, and Virginia. When you look at all five of those schools, they are all totally different so it's hard to make a comparison."

Scruggs feels that all of the schools are pursuing him extremely hard.

"Strangely enough I think I'm a big priority for most," he said. "Tennessee, North Carolina State, Louisville, Wake Forest, and Virginia... all of them have said I'm their No. 1 guy. A lot of schools like the speed-rushing ends and most have said I'm their No. 1 guy."

The key to signing Scruggs could be developing a strong relationship with him and his future coaches. The coaching staffs will be very important in his decision-making process.

"Coaches... they must have good coaches I can bond with like I do at my school right now," he said. "Coaches are the main thing for me.

"I like coach Willis, I like coach Kragthorpe from Louisville as well as coach McCartney from Wake Forest... I also had a good talk with the defensive line coach from Virginia."

With three visits remaining, Scruggs stated that he will definitely visit at least one other program.

"Wake Forest is a definite visit, and I'm checking out everything with the other schools," he said. "Michigan State and Virginia I'm going to probably visit too. I'm not sure if I will take an official to Louisville. I've been there a few times already, and if I visit the other three that would be my five."

Don't expect a quick decision. Look for Scruggs to take his recruitment all the way up to Signing Day.

"I don't have a leader at all," he said. "It will be right up to around Signing Day before I announce a commitment... when I finish up my visits."

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