ESPN: Glennon Wins BK Pass Attack

NC State commitment Mike Glennon has had a strong week during practices for the 2008 Under Armour All-American Game, and he has also won the Burger King Pass Attack portion of the Burger King All-American Varsity Skills Challenge. Glennon Wins Burger King Pass Attack

"Florida State commit and No. 1-rated quarterback E.J. Manuel (Virginia Beach, Va./Bayside) headlined a group of six quarterbacks in the first event of the evening. The other five participants included Mike Glennon (Centreville, Va./Westfield), Landry Jones (Artesia, N.M.), Kyle Parker (Jacksonville, Fla./Bartram Trail), Braden Hansen (Charlotte, N.C./Charlotte-Latin) and Nick Crissman (Surfside, Calif./Edison).

Similar to competitions seen at the NFL Pro Bowls, quarterbacks competed for distance and accuracy. Players threw three balls at each of the three targets (nine total). Each of the targets were worth different amounts -- 20, 30, 40. Players received 10 points for hitting the board and not the target. The final (10th) ball was thrown from the 35-yard line. The "Landing Zone" will be between the hashes. The player will receive two points for each yard the ball travels. Points will be added together for the final point total.

Glennon, a 6-6 N.C. State commit won the competition with a total of 286 points.

"This was all about coming out here and having fun," Glennon said. "This is the first time I'll ever be on national television. Millions of people are going to be watching so it's definitely exciting."


The Burger King All-American Varsity Skills Challenge was held at Disney's Wide World of Sports complex Thursday night and consisted of four events and 18 players. The competition was taped and will air Friday on ESPN2 at 7 pm EST.

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