Graham on a Mission

Pack Pride talks with NC State commit T.J. Graham after his official visit to Raleigh.

Wakefield (NC) High School standout T.J. Graham has been committed to NC State since the Wolfpack's football camp last summer. The 6-0, 180 pound speedster is one of the fastest prospects in the nation having been timed at 10.53-seconds in the 100-meter dash and 4.33-seconds in the 40-yard dash.

Pack Pride caught up with Graham recently after he completed his official visit to NC State and he gave us the lowdown on his trip in this Q&A.

Pack Pride: How did your official visit go this weekend and what were some of the highlights?
"It went real well. One of the highlights for me was getting to meet a lot of the players and interacting with all the coaches. We got to watch the basketball game and that was fun. We also got to go in the locker room and put on our jerseys with our numbers on them. I'm number six. It made me feel like a part of the team right now and I'm really looking forward to playing at State."

Pack Pride: Who hosted you on your visit?
"Owen Spencer."

Pack Pride: For whatever reason, you weren't utilized a lot this past year in high school. Do you think you're going to be a guy that can come in and surprise folks once you get to college?
"I'm definitely going to come in and surprise some people. I'm tired of people thinking I'm a speed guy that doesn't have football skills. My goal is to one day be the fastest football player in college football. Speed is speed but I really want to show people that I'm a fast guy that can play football."

Pack Pride: What are the initial plans as far as what your role could be once you arrive at NC State?
"The first thing I heard (from the State coaches) was kick returner or punt returner. I didn't really hear much about being in the rotation as a receiver (as a freshman). I know I'll be playing kick returner or punt returner because they told me that."

Pack Pride: What's your thoughts on Mike Glennon joining you on offense?
"I was already on the Mike Glennon bandwagon from the first time we threw together at camp. After that, I was just riding his coat tail. I've never had anyone throw me the ball like that. He's the best quarterback I've ever had throw me the ball."

Graham is rated a three-star prospect by and the No. 138 wide receiver in the nation.

Scouting Report #1: "Watching Graham, the first thing that jumps out is just how fluid he is in his movement. His footwork is not great for a wide receiver, but watching his body react to the ball, there is no question he is an elite athlete who is destined to have college coaches figuring out how to get the ball in his hands.

"The first thing that jumps out is just how fluid he is in his movement."

"As a slot receiver, he has a better matchup at the high school level with what is probably a linebacker, safety, or second-level cornerback in man and in zone the slot finds a soft spot much easier.

"As a football player, I am still trying to find that elite burst for a player with track speed like Graham has. He is without a doubt a burner, but he is not blowing anybody away with quick twitch moves with his feet. Graham is a very long strider with high knees, probably best suited for one- and two-move routes.

"He plays bigger than 6-0 with good leaping ability and, again, a natural adjustment on the ball. Still, not going to be a matchup problem against many corners height-wise.

"I love his play as a quarterback, where he shows a lot of lower-body strength, balance, and a little more quickness in decision-making in the open field." -- Recruiting Analyst Miller Safrit

Scouting Report #2: "Wakefield (NC) High School will look to get creative in 2007 to ensure their star player, TJ Graham, touches the ball as much as possible.

"At 6-0, 180 pounds, Graham has a lean, muscular frame but his calling card is speed. His long strides allow him to effortlessly out-run opposing defensive backs and his production is limited only by his team's ability to get him the ball.

"Graham has tremendous body control and shows solid concentration. Because of his speed, tackling him can be a handful for defenders who oftentimes end up clutching at air.

"In 2007, look for Graham to get plenty of touches on end-arounds, direct snaps and lateral passes- all in an effort simply to get the ball in this playmaker's hands. Because of his quickness and athleticism, Graham will also get plenty of snaps on defense." -- Recruiting Analyst Steve Williams

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