Locker Room Report: Paul Hewitt

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Georgia Tech head coach Paul Hewitt met with the media to discuss tonight's game against NC State.

Paul Hewitt

"A very hard fought game by both teams... down the stretch we played a solid four minutes which we haven't been doing all year."

"We wanted to pressure a little bit more obviously. NC State has got four guys in my opinion who can go for 20 or 30 any night. We wanted to try and disrupt them as much as we could."

"That's a good question because [Fells] was probably... if Hickson was 1 on the scouting report, Fells was 1A. We were really, really concerned about him coming in the game. He's been shooting the ball so well in the ACC... he's got such great size, he raises up over guys and he doesn't even see the contest."

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