Manning Expecting Big Things at NC State

One of the crown jewels in NC State's recruiting class of 2008 is Laurinburg (NC) Scotland County linebacker Terrell Manning.

One of the crown jewels in NC State’s recruiting class of 2008 is LB Terrell Manning. Rated a four-star prospect and the No. 1 player in North Carolina by, he managed to tally 219 tackles, six sacks, three interceptions, two fumble recoveries, three pass breakups and one blocked kick. This past weekend Manning made his official visit to NC State and he talked with Pack Pride about the trip.

Pack Pride: First off, how is your knee doing?

“My rehab is going real good. The doctor said that I’m doing better than he thought I would be. Now, I’m just walking with a brace on and not using the crutches anymore. Th surgery was pretty cool. They went in there and the doctor said everything went fine. He said I didn’t have any messed up cartilage or anything like that, it was just my ACL. He said I was basically doing fine.”

Pack Pride: What is the plan for you next season at NC State?

“Right now, they want to redshirt me so that’s for sure. I’m getting a lot of different variations from the doctors and coaches and everything. The doctor, he actually feels like I’m moving above what he thought but I’m guessing the coaches are telling him not to tell me that because they feel like I’m going to go out there and do something crazy. I heard someone say six months one time and then I heard someone say eight but coach O’Brien, he’s just telling me to take my time and he’s giving me the whole year to go in there and get right.”

Pack Pride: Talk about the official visit to State and how that went.

“Basically, my whole trip was good. My host was Dominique (Ellis) and he was a great guy to hang out with. And then on top of that, we stayed in a great hotel. The coaches, I mean, they’re the reason I went to the school. Really, the whole trip was just fun especially getting to hang out with some of the players.”

Pack Pride: How do you feel about NC State’s recruiting class that you’ll be coming in with?

“I feel good about our class but it’s going to be like that where ever you go with the four star and three star guys and even some five star guys. It’s real good but the stars, it doesn’t mean anything when you touch the field. You have to have heart. The stars and all that looks good but you still have to have heart.”

Pack Pride: Talk about coach McCollum and your relationship with your future position coach.

“That dude is wild. He’s basically like another father figure to me. He’s real good to me and he can communicate with me. We don’t just talk about football. We talk about personal situations and we’re just able to go deep because he’s basically the closest to me because he’s my position coach. But man, I really liked him from the beginning.”

Pack Pride: What do you think the future is for NC State football?

“We were talking about it on the way home. It’s looking real good. Like I know what I plan to do when I get there and I know what the other recruits were talking about doing when they get there. Right now everybody is focused. The players that are there right now, they’re working hard. They’re working hard in the weight room and they’re giving a good feeling to the freshmen that are coming in this summer. Just the way they present themselves to us, we’re going to come in real business oriented and work towards winning the ACC championship in the next two years.”

Scouting Report #1: "Manning continues to show excellent instincts and appears to be getting better at making primary reads on the ball and while not showing false steps even on counters and the quarterback's option read.

"He has excellent vertical speed in the box and keeps his body square with the line of scrimmage until a final burst to the ball. He keeps his shirt clean even with offensive linemen getting to the second level.

"Manning needs to work on consistency with his tackling. He tackles high, leaves his feet too often, and many times he undercuts a play to tackle from behind -- something that will not work in college." -- Recruiting Analyst Miller Safrit

Scouting Report #2: "The three areas that Terrell Manning has really improved on since last year are his instincts, field awareness and pass drops. He shows tremendous reaction-time on the field and seems to have a sense for where plays are going before they develop. Manning does a great job of shedding blocks and avoiding interference on his way to the ball carrier. He plays with a little swagger and has become the leader of the Scotland County defense. Manning is the player that others lean on to come up with big plays when they're needed and he hasn't disappointed.

"Another facet of his game that has really improved has been his drops into zone coverage. On one play in particular, Manning quickly recognizes pass, gets good depth and has the field awareness to know that a wide receiver is running behind him. He easily steps in front of the pass for an interception.

"If there's any part of his game that Manning will need to work on, it's his tackling fundamentals. His aggressiveness causes him to take poor angles at times which puts him in a position to make arm tackles. However, this will be easily correctable in college. In all, Manning continues to show why he's one of the top linebackers in the nation." -- Recruiting Analyst Steve Williams

Sr. Film: LB #35 Terrell Manning - Scotland Co. vs. East Wake -

Sr. Film: LB #35 Terrell Manning - Scotland Co. vs. Marlboro Co. -

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