Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe met with the media to discuss today's game against Wake Forest.

Sidney Lowe

"We make games exciting. It was a great game."

"We came out sharp and made plays when we had to."

"Trevor played quality minutes for us. He understands his role and what he needs to do. He listens and sticks with it. If he were undisciplined, they would have been able to get three instead of just two. He practices and works hard everyday."

"It's about the character of our team. When we want it and we concentrate, we play well. We've been working on our mental game, not breaking down and making mistakes." "[Chas McFarland] is the most improved player in the league. He's long, active, and has good timing. He was a good match-up against J.J. [Hickson]."

"Playing zone slowed [Wake Forest] down and we were able to get the stops that we needed."

"It was perfect. We got it to the guy we wanted to, and [Grant] wasn't able to get the shot. didn't even see Ben coming until he was at the rim. It's a game-winning play and if that lane is open you have to go in on it and make the play. That's exactly what he did."

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