Lowe Updates Ryan Harrow's Status

RALEIGH, NC -- Sidney Lowe spoke to the media today about his team and the upcoming game against Duke.

Sidney Lowe

"[Ryan Harrow] was just very weak, couldn't keep much on his stomach for a while. They had the IV in for a while so he had to do that for a while. We're just trying to get him back to strength, really. I feel bad for him because he really wants to be out there. We'll see how he is today and probably won't push him too much and then decide from there."

"[Tracy Smith] said it felt like tendinitis so we just told him to get treatment on it. There is not much you can do, ice it. It wasn't something where he was concerned. It's not the same pain that he had with the injured knee so that was a good sign."

"Absolutely we did. That's the frustrating part is to know that you can do that. So how do we do that in the beginning, how do we do that in the middle, how do we do that in the end. How do we do it all the time. There is something about playing this game where you need somebody to do something. Maybe it's a dive for loose ball, just to get you going again. Or just a great defensive play. We have to have that. They see that we can do it, now how do we get that consistently."

"Mike isn't going to have you if you don't play hard. His best players are his hardest players. That's what you need. When your best player is your toughest player, or aggressive player, then you've got it. That's one thing when you look at Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith, those guys set the tone."

"We're going to have to play hard from the very beginning, because we don't want to go over there and not give ourselves a chance to win this ball game."

"You certainly can teach guys how to play hard, that's what we have to do as coaches. Is it something that you look at in a young man when you're watching him, absolutely. One thing that I realize now on this level is that if you just have five guys that play extremely hard every single play, in college basketball, you can be successful."

"If playing hard was easy, then everybody would do it. That's why I call it a talent, I really do."

"When they are down over there [Cameron Indoor Stadium], the crowd cheers. They pick them up. So that gets them going again. They have an advantage with that."

"You tell your guys don't expect anything, but that's what you have to tell them wherever you go. Whenever you are on the road or at home, don't expect anything because then you get preoccupied with something. I'm not saying that just because we're playing at Duke. You can't expect anything on the road. You have to play through it. I'm not going to say that Duke gets special treatment over there, it's the road and you can't go expecting. It's a quick cop out sometimes for players to say I'm getting fouled. You play through it and get tougher."

"You can't play scared. You are going to make mistakes, that is going to happen. Mistakes you can't make are the hustle plays -- mental mistakes, not blocking out. Those are the ones you can't have. When I say be more consistent I'm talking about consistent with getting stops when we need it, consistent with taking good shots."

"Being a former player, I don't handle well guys saying I'm afraid to make a mistake. To me that's a cop out. My answer to that is then don't make one. It's real simple."

"When I played the game we had a fear of losing, we didn't want to lose. Not that we were afraid we were going to lose, but just the fear. When you have a fear of something you just don't want it to happen. It's simple, it really is. It has to be something you just don't want to feel after that game. And with every single play, you have to hurt."

"If you are losing the finger pointing is coming to the coach anyway, that's just the way it is. I don't feel anymore pressure. There's always pressure. When you are a good team there is pressure to win. I don't feel anymore on myself than any other time."

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