Lowe: 'We Need Guys to Make Plays'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe met with the media today to discuss the upcoming game against North Carolina.

Sidney Lowe

How is your team different from the first game?
Probably Javy being the main difference in the experience that he's gained. I think J.J. as well. I think the first game over there he was so hyped up and moving quick and not reading the defense. I think he's better as well.

I think we're different in rotations and guys that we're going to look at. We'll be different. We need to have people to come in and produce for us, we need to have starters produce for us. We'll be different in that aspect, but the big difference is probably Javy and the experience he has gained over these games.

More thoughts on his team's play:
It's been time now where guys have to step up and play. We need everybody. We can't have J.J. Hickson being the only guy rebounding for us. We need Gavin, Courtney, Javy, Brandon, Ben, and Dennis... whoever is playing, we need guys to step up.

My old coach said it's the job of the coach to put the team in a position to win and the players have to take over from there. That's what he did for us and we took over and made the plays. We need guys to make plays now. It's real simple. That's the way it is and that's going to determine whether we win or not. Making plays... it has nothing to do with anything else... it comes down to the players making plays.

This is a rivalry game. Do you have to stress that?
You don't have to say anything about that. Everyone knows it's a big game. Again, we need players to step up. It's time for them to step up and make plays and play the way they should be able to play.

Thoughts on how UNC defended Hickson in the first game:
They were physical with him. They were coming with two and sometimes three guys. I think Green in particular was very active in coming from behind and from the side... just blocking the shot and contesting the shot. They were aware of where J.J. was at all times.

Thoughts on Atsur at point guard in last year's game compared to this year:
Last year we had six guys basically play multiple minutes and obviously having Engin was a major factor. He controlled things and he made plays. He made plays for himself and he made plays for other guys.

This year we have a young point guard and so he's not capable yet of making those plays on a consistent basis for other guys so these guys have to make their own plays.

Thoughts on moving Courtney Fells some to point guard:
Well because it takes Courtney away from his natural position. Here's a guy who actually has had a pretty good year in ACC play, and now if I take him from his natural position and put him on the ball, he'll be trying to set other guys up instead of us getting him the ball.

I don't think Javy Gonzalez is the issue. I know he's not the issue. Javy is not the problem. We need to have more guys rebounding and helping J.J. We need to have more guys scoring and helping J.J. inside. That's what we need.

Javy is not the issue as far as the five that finishes the game or the best five. He's one position. We have other guys who have been here for a while and come back and more experienced. They need to step up and play.

More thoughts on losing Farnold Degand:
I knew it was going to be a problem. Farnold had a little experience and he was playing with an attitude of knowing that he could get it done. His game or his strength is something you can't teach... that's always an equalizer, and that's speed and quickness.

We had the ability to really go and break people down... just like I'm talking about now, making plays, he could just take it and go by someone. I knew it was going to be a difficult thing for us, but I felt in time Javy was going to grow and get better, and I think he has. I think he's done a nice job for us.

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