NC State Spring Organizational Chart

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State has released an updated organizational chart as the Wolfpack begins spring practice tomorrow.

Organizational Chart Notables
  • Senior John Bedics is now listed as the starter at left guard and junior Ted Larsen is the reserve at right guard. Both are making the move to offensive guard from defensive tackle.

    "They definitely bring a different mentality after playing defense," NC State head coach Tom O'Brien stated. "The reason they are on defense is because they're better athletes - they're quicker and faster. They have to learn a whole new system, but hopefully they'll take those skills and learn the techniques to help us become a better offensive line."

  • Senior Meares Green is listed as the starter at center. Green played right tackle and right guard in 2007. "We are going to try him at center," said O'Brien. "That is a key spot for us. The center has to be a guy who understands all our concepts. He has to make the calls and get the line headed in the right direction. Hopefully he will be a guy who can do that."

  • Russell Wilson is listed as the third-team quarterback, but he will get a long look this spring.

    "Whatever we saw from him last year, we liked," said O'Brien. "All of the quarterbacks will have the chance to play in the spring, but he is the unknown right now and we will definitely give him the opportunity to prove himself. We must see better productivity from the quarterback spot this season."

  • Jamelle Eugene is listed as the starter at tailback, but Andre Brown will be competing for the job. "Andre Brown will be back after missing almost half of the season and Eugene will be back after doing a solid job in the last six games," said O'Brien. "Those two guys will be fighting for top billing at running back. That battle won't be settled until the season starts, but spring practice will certainly have a lot to do with how we start in the fall. It will be Underwood's first spring practice, so it will be a great opportunity for him to learn the techniques and what it really means to play football at the college level."

  • Heralded freshman tight end George Bryan has a chance to impress this spring with Anthony Hill sitting out. "With Anthony not there, George Bryan will have the opportunity to show what he can do this spring," said O'Brien. "Kushner was a backup tight end a year ago, but he'll gain more reps this spring so we expect him to improve. Then in the fall when Anthony comes back, we'll decide our rotation."

  • Like Bryan, wideouts Geron James, Steven Howard, and Jay Smith will be competing for playing time. "There is a lot of competition at wideout," O'Brien continued. "We'll have an opportunity to see what James, Howard and Smith can do this spring. We have enough talent there from what we saw last year. Now they're all competing for playing time. I feel good about our depth at wide receiver."

  • The defensive line has some youth and inexperience with veterans mixed in. Markus Kuhn, Alan-Michael Cash, Antoine Holmes, and Willie Young headline the group.

    "Midway through last year, we moved Markus Kuhn from tackle to end and we thought it was a better position for him," said O'Brien. "It will be a big spring for young guys like him, Holmes, Reiskamp, Linney and Crawford. It will be their first opportunity to go through a spring practice - to be coached for 15 days on fundamentals. We have a combination of those young guys and veterans like Willis, Cash, Young and Augustin. I think it's a pretty solid group. We just have to find out what their best positions are."

  • The most inexperienced position is undoubtedly at linebacker. Nate Irving, Ray Michel, Thomas Barnes all have played snaps. Looking to add experience, the Wolfpack moved Robbie Leonard from safety to strongside linebacker looking and added size by moving freshman J.R. Sweezy from defensive end to middle linebacker.

    "We lost four linebackers, but Irving and Michel played a lot last year," O'Brien stated. "Barnes got some time, but he will be in the same boat with the redshirt freshmen and Maddox in that this is their first opportunity to learn techniques and how we want them to be executed. We know that these young guys have talent, but they have to prove to us that they can play on this level. If they can, it will really help us out.

    "We have to stop the run, so moving Sweezy to middle linebacker gives us a big body there. He was a standup guy in high school and last year was the first time he had played with his hand on the ground. We're going to see if he's a better ‘up' guy. We also moved Leonard to linebacker. We're not sure yet if those positions are better for those guys, but spring is a time to experiment."

  • Returning in the secondary are seniors Jeremy Gray and J.C. Neal and sophomore DeAndre Morgan.

    "With Gray, Neal and Morgan, we have some guys who have been in ball games and know what to expect," said O'Brien. "‘Then, we have a bunch of young guys who will have to help us. There is going to be a lot of competition back there to find out who the best players are. We want to come out of spring with four guys we feel good about starting."

  • The following players aren't listed on the chart because they will not participate in spring practice due to injuries: HB 22 Toney Baker (5-10, 225, *Jr.) knee, QB 7 Daniel Evans (6-2, 191, *Sr.) shoulder, SS 31 Bobby Floyd (5-9, 211, Sr.) shoulder, OL 75 Mike Golder (6-4, 286, *Fr.) knee, TE 83 Anthony Hill (6-6, 265, *Sr.) knee, OL 68 Ahmad Jaradat (6-4, 290, Fr.) shoulder, SS 4 Javon Walker (6-0, 188, *So.) knee.

  • NOTE: * - Indicates redshirted one season

    2008 NC State Spring Organizational Chart
    12Harrison Beck6-2/220Jr.*
    10Justin Burke6-3/210So.*
    16Russell Wilson5-11/191Fr.*
    29 Jamelle Eugene 5-10/195Jr.*
    24 Andre Brown 6-0/228Sr.
    3 Curtis Underwood, Jr. 5-11/215So.
    39 Derrick White 6-1/225Jr.
    20 Corey Darrington 5-11/211So.
    Wide Receiver
    80 Donald Bowens 6-3/206Jr.
    13Owen Spencer6-1/218So.
    82Andrew Evans5-10/180Gr.*
    86Jay Smith6-2/197Fr.*
    Wide Receiver
    5 Jarvis Williams 6-4/205 So.*
    15 Darrell Davis 6-4/200So.*
    85 Steven Howard 6-2/185Fr.*
    88 Geron James 6-3/200 Jr.*
    Tight End
    89 Matt Kushner 6-4/259Jr.*
    84 George Bryan 6-5/250Fr.*
    Left Tackle
    73 Julian Williams 6-5/292Jr.*
    70 Jake Vermiglio6-5/315So.
    Left Guard
    93 John Bedics 6-4/295Sr.*
    71 Gary Gregory6-4/305So.*
    60 Meares Green6-4/306Sr.*
    74 Andy Barbee6-3/310Jr.*
    54 Henry Lawson 6-3/285Fr.*
    Right Guard
    76 Curtis Crouch 6-5/335Sr.
    91 Teddy Larsen 6-2/285Jr.*
    Right Tackle
    50 Jeraill McCuller6-7/330Jr.*
    55 Desmond Roberts6-4/295Fr.*

    Special Teams
    Place Kicker
    36Josh Czajkowski5-9/178So.*
    26Bradley Pierson5-9/163Sr.*
    38Jeff Ruiz6-2/185Jr.
    Long Snapper
    56Corey Tedder6-1/212Jr.
    57Michael Maurer5-11/225Jr.
    26Bradley Pierson5-9/163Sr.*
    7Daniel Evans6-2/191Sr.*
    Right Defensive End
    62 Markus Kuhn 6-5/275So.
    11 Audi Augustin 6-2/250So.*
    Left Defensive Tackle
    96 Antoine Holmes 6-2/281Sr.
    94 Keith Willis Jr. 6-1/278Sr.*
    96 Jamaine Clemmons 5-11/255Sr.
    Right Defensive Tackle
    49 Alan-Michael Cash 6-1/286Jr.*
    67 Wayne Crawford 6-3/290Fr.*
    92 Kyle Linney 6-3/300Fr.
    Left Defensive End
    97 Willie Young 6-4/230Jr.*
    99 Jeff Rieskamp 6-3/235Fr.*
    Weakside Linebacker
    56 Nate Irving 6-1/227So.*
    43 Thomas Barnes 5-11/200So
    Middle Linebacker
    44 Ray Michel 6-0/224Jr.*
    52 J.R. Sweezy 6-5/245Fr.*
    41 Dwayne Maddox 6-2/220Fr.
    Strongside Linebacker
    34Robbie Leonard 6-0/194Sr.*
    42 Audie Cole 6-5/215Fr.
    Right Cornerback
    30 Jeremy Gray 6-2/186Sr.*
    20 Dominique Ellis 5-11/181Fr.
    Strong Safety
    14 J.C. Neal 5-11/195Sr.
    45 John Ware 5-11/205So.*
    28 Justin Byers 6-0/170Fr.*
    32 Jimmaul Simmons 6-1/195 Fr.
    Left Cornerback
    21 DeAndre Morgan 5-10/166So.*
    33Koyal George 5-11/194Jr.*

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