Spring Practice Report: Wolfpack Players

Anthony Hill, Jeremy Gray, Andre Brown and Russell Wilson met with the media following Tuesday's open practice session, the first practice of the spring period.

Anthony Hill

"I feel like I'm back and part of the team. Just trying to get better for August 28th. I would say I'm about 90-95 percent right now."

"I'll basically be doing everything except for contact. Anything where we are going up against the red jerseys, no go."

Jeremy Gray

"We got a lot of young guys with big talent. Once they learn the defense, get everything going, I think they'll be pretty good."

"We are kind of short-handed at linebacker but we have Nate coming back who has a little bit of experience. We have Ray Michel and a lot more people that played so we should be okay as a defense."

Andre Brown

"It's a stepping process. We are just setting our goals low but we are still wanting the big goal and that's the ACC Championship."

"I just felt like I wasn't ready. I couldn't go out with a 5-7 record. I have too much pride for that – I must come back here and must set a tone for NC State. I want to leave a legacy."

Russell Wilson

"I'm tons more prepared because I redshirted. Going against the first team defense every day in the fall and everything it really prepared me going against good defenses."

"I'm definitely 5'11 - reaching for six foot."

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