O'Brien: 'I Think There Was Good Effort'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss today's scrimmage. Here is audio and quotes from O'Brien's interview.


Tom O'Brien Scrimmage Audio

Thoughts on today's scrimmage:
I think there was good effort today. I think there was much more enthusiasm out there. I think we're making progress, but there's a lot of little things which we have to take care of, which is to be expected at this point with the young and in some cases inexperienced guys we've got out there playing.

As I told them at the end, the most important thing is how we progress this week now that we've actually scrimmaged for the first time.

Thoughts on offensive line position changes:
Well it's hard for me to tell right now without sitting down and looking at the tape.

I think it's good that we moved the guys to offensive line... I think it's something that is going to help the offensive line in the long run. They are going to have to learn from their mistakes and it was a tough situation out there today anyways.

I think in the long run they both are in to it, they've accepted the change, they are working extremely hard, and they are both tough guys so those are all the makings of being a halfway decent offensive linemen.

Thoughts on Robbie Leonard:
From what I've seen of Leonard it's probably a good move for him where he'll be in the right spot for him and to help our defense.

Thoughts on early enrollees:
[Dwayne] Maddox has been thrown to the fire. It's really tough for him because we've got him playing middle linebacker now. He got his head turned around a few times today... it's tough for him today but it's going to be that much better for him in August when he starts because I think he realizes if he was back at Crest High School in the cafeteria right now he wouldn't be in the same position he'll be come August. That's helped.

[Kyle] Linney has showed some sparks and so has [Dominique] Ellis. [Ahmad] Jaradat isn't practicing because of his shoulder right now. Those three kids will be so much better come August, having gone through this 15-day period and strength and conditioning.

Thoughts on if having early enrollees will be the norm:
It's a double-edge sword. I think maybe it's good for the football team, but I'm not sure it's good for them. Coming in at mid-year, it's really difficult. You have to be very mature to come in at this point because you don't know anybody and you are coming in basically off the street into the team.

It's a tough adjustment for them. It's so different than when they come in one of 15 or 20 guys or 25 guys in a freshman class and they get that bonding with their classmates. These kids have handled it pretty well.

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