Local QB Likes Where the Pack is Headed

Pack Pride talks with Broughton High School standout quarterback Chandler Browning about his top schools and interest in NC State.

Broughton High School in Raleigh, NC is known for it’s high-octane, spread offense. The program yielded current Wolfpack QB Daniel Evans back in the class of 2004. The Capitals boast another division one prospect in the class of 2009 with QB Chandler Browning already attracting quite a bit of division one attention

As a junior, Browning completed 122 of 180 passes for 1,935 yards and 15 touchdowns en route to being named all-conference and team offensive MVP. Pack Pride spoke with Browning recently about his recruiting and interest in NC State.

Pack Pride: Chandler, what is your current height and weight?

“Right now I’m 6-3, 220 pounds”

Pack Pride: Which schools are currently recruiting you?

“The main ones I’m hearing from are NC State, East Carolina, Maryland, Duke and South Carolina”

Pack Pride: Do you feel like any of those schools may be close to offering you a scholarship?

“I think the closest ones to offering right now are Maryland and East Carolina because those are the two schools I’ve had the most contact with. Probably those two would be the first. Like with NC State, they don’t offer anyone until they see them in person. So the only way that would happen is when I go there for camp this summer.”

Pack Pride: Which coach is recruiting you for NC State?

“Coach Archer”

Pack Pride: Talk about your recent visit to State for junior day.

“I enjoyed myself. I hadn’t been around that staff a whole lot but the junior day went real well. The coaching staff has a good history with what they did at Boston College and I’m sure they’ll do the same at NC State. I actually think they did well considering what they had their first year. So their staff, I think they’re going to turn it around and be pretty successful in another year or two. It was fun. I enjoyed myself and I’d like to get back over there but for now, they’re in the same boat as everyone else. I’m just kind of hearing from schools and seeing what they have to offer.”

Pack Pride: Can you talk about Maryland and what you like about them?

“I went to junior day at Maryland three or four weeks ago. I like them a whole lot. They got a new offensive coordinator this year, James Franklin. They had a pretty good recruiting class this past year. They got Demetrius Hartsfield from Raleigh and Gary Douglas from Hillside and they also signed three top 100 wide receivers. They’re just bringing in a lot of good players, especially offensively. I really like coach Franklin and he knows what he’s doing. I’d like to get back up there as soon as possible.”

Pack Pride: How about East Carolina?

“With East Carolina, it’s only like an hour or so from home. I think they were 8-4 this past year and won their bowl game. I think under coach Holtz they’re always going to have a strong team because he’s a really good coach. The system they have really works well for them. I think they know who they can recruit and who they can’t. They know what their strengths are and they really work well with that. I met their offensive coordinator when I went over to practice and he’s a real knowledgeable guy. I enjoyed myself over there. Their facilities are nice and they’re adding on to their stadium so they’re definitely heading in the right direction.”

Pack Pride: Are you planning to attend any camps this summer?

“I’m looking at Duke, NC State and East Carolina, Those are the main three in-state. UNC already has a QB committed so I’m not too sure about them. I’m also planning to go to the Nike camp in Tuscaloosa and I’d like to get up to Maryland.

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