Pressley: 'I am Going to Work Hard'

NC State standout DeMario Pressley is expected to provide quality depth on the defensive line for the New Orleans Saints. What were his first impressions of his selection by the Saints and how does he perceive his role in New Orleans?

Did you visit New Orleans or know that the Saints were interested in you?

DeMario Pressley: Yes I did, about two weeks ago they flew me there for a visit. Last week on Wednesday, Coach Orgeron and I had a nice workout.

Did you do anything with Sedrick Ellis in any all-star game or have you come across him very much in the offseason?

DeMario Pressley: Sed (Sedrick Ellis) and I kind of built a little relationship at the Senior Bowl because he and I were both on the north side. He and I have actually played against each other so this is probably going to turn out for the good.

Do you think your injuries this past season prevented you from being a higher draft choice?

DeMario Pressley: Yes. Whenever I talked with a scout or a coach they always brought up my injuries and asked me if I was healthy. They would ask me how my knee is or how is my wrist. They would also ask me if I am prone to injuries. I think it did hurt me a lot me because I was hurt through two and a half games.

What is your answer to the injury questions?

DeMario Pressley: Those two injuries were the only major ones that I have had in my four years there (in college). I think that they were both just a freak accident. I am a tough guy and I can handle it.

Do you play both tackle positions and what do you envision yourself playing more comfortably in the NFL?

DeMario Pressley: I play both tackle positions. Coach O (Orgeron) said that he would probably see me at the three technique and I don't really care where I play, but I can play both.

How do you feel about your pass rush abilities?

DeMario Pressley: Personally, I have been trying to work on it a lot. I have been trying to get stronger in that area. I like to think of my pass rush as a ‘will be'. Right now, I would say I am a good pass rusher.

People haven't seen on a consistent basis what you are capable of, are you looking to show that this season?

DeMario Pressley: My senior year, because I was a little hurt half of the year I was rebounding off of my knee injury, but I think the last six games I was able to show more of what I can do. I am going to work hard this offseason and preseason to really show everybody what I can do.

When the Saints moved up their pick today, were you surprised they picked you since they had already chosen DT Sedrick Ellis?

DeMario Pressley: I was kind of surprised, but Coach (Orgeron) said that I had a really good workout so I wasn't totally surprised. He said that he was really impressed and that he believes in me.

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