Pack Pride Recruiting Board: Wide Receivers

Pack Pride breaks down the early prospects on NC State's wide receiver recruiting board.

Pack Pride will take a weekly look at how NC State may recruit the various positions for the class of 2009 and the prospects that are currently mentioning the Pack as one of their top schools. The following should be considered a rough guide only as many factors will affect the actual numbers at each position between now and signing day next year. All information contained in this article is the opinion of the staff at Pack Pride and should not be confused as being information from the coaching staff at NC State. It is also based on information known at the current time. Several aspects of this listing will certainly change as the recruiting season progresses.

Wide Receiver

Key losses...None

Pack is likely to sign...2-3

Number signed at this position over the last two years...3

How important is this spot in relationship to other positions...Moderate

NC State has signed a relatively low number of wide receivers over the last two years and will likely hit the position a little harder in the class of 2009. Look for State to sign a minimum of two wideouts with that number possibly going higher depending on how things shake out with several prospects down the road. One of the keys behind the success of this position may be how the Wolfpack fares at the QB position in 2008. It appears that Russell Wilson or potentially incoming QB Mike Glennon may battle for the starting spot. With both being freshmen and should they enjoy success, that could be a major selling point to prospective wide receivers.

Pack Pride’s Dream Recruiting Class at WR...Jheranie Boyd, Justin Brown

On the board and listing the Pack:

Jheranie Boyd...offer...Boyd is a player that State has positioned themselves well with. His parents like the State coaches and program and Boyd made an early connection with incoming QB Mike Glennon. Clemson appears strong as well and they feel good about their chances. This is a key battle for State as they need to stop the exodus of in-state talent to Death Valley.

Quintin Payton......offer...Were signing day tomorrow, State would likely land Payton. However, the feeling we’ve got from Payton is that he’s looking for additional offers. Should that happen then the Wolfpack coaches will have to battle to keep themselves in the fray.

Mike Bowman...offer...Bowman is the brother of former UNC WR Adarius Bowman. He recently received an offer from NC State and the Pack is in the mix as he will likely visit this summer. If Georgia were to end up offering, the Dawgs could prove tough to beat.

Justin Brown...offer...Brown has quickly emerged as one of the nation’s top wide receivers and seems to pick up a new offer every week. The Pack was fortunate enough to get in early. The one caveat in State’s favor is the fact Brown has family locally and odds are the Pack will get him on campus over the summer.

Bryan Underwood...offer...Underwood is another player that his seen his stock off during the spring. The Pack was able to host him for a visit several weeks ago and that was a plus. He has completely avoided naming favorites so it’s very tough to ascertain where he may be leaning or who the serious players are at this point.

Jackson Cooper...Cooper is a player that State is evaluating and is in very good shape with but they will likely want to evaluate him further before deciding on a possible offer.

Quan Rucker...offer...Rucker may be the only uncommitted in-state prospect with a Wolfpack offer that the State coaches have had no luck making headway with. Despite the Pack’s early attention, Rucker simply hasn’t expressed much interest in State for whatever reason. Wake Forest may be the team to beat.

Kinsman Thomas...offer...Thomas and teammate Tariq Edwards both boast early offers from NC State. Clemson insiders seem to feel good about the Tiger’s chances. The Pack is in the race but to have a realistic shot they have to get him on campus for some visits over the next several months.

Terrence Davis...NC State is recruiting Davis but the level of interest is unknown currently.

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