Crisp Steals the Show at Adidas Elite Camp

With roughly 200 prospects in attendance for Saturday's adidas Elite Camp by Recruits Unlimited held at NC State, it was a prospect for the class of 2010 that stole the show.

With roughly 200 prospects in attendance for Saturday’s adidas Elite Camp by Recruits Unlimited held at NC State, it was a prospect for the class of 2010 that stole the show. Offensive lineman Rob Crisp from Chapel Hill (NC) High School has quickly established himself as one of the premier players in the nation and he backed that up with an outstanding performance.

At 6-8, 290 pounds, Crisp may be one of the top offensive linemen from North Carolina in years, which is saying a lot considering he is just a sophomore currently. He boasts tremendous footwork and agility which allows him to stay in front of smaller, quicker defensive linemen. Crisp has uncanny balance and redirection given his size and generates so much power in his upper body through the use of his hands that he routinely dominates the opposing lineman.

Crisp was routinely called out by players hoping to prove they could beat the “all-pro” as he was referred to by the coaches supervising the one-on-one drills. However, time after time Crisp proved almost impossible to beat. The rising junior said he felt his effort was good but far from perfect. Also showing a humble side, Crisp said he works to stay focused on continuing to get better.

“I think I did good,” said Crisp. “I respect them for calling me out one on one but inside I knew I wasn’t getting beat today, that’s what I was thinking but I respect them for calling me out. I feel like I did alright though.

“I think I still have some stuff to prove. I’m still young and I don’t want to get my head blown up by getting all these offers and thinking I’m good because I still need to learn. I did okay. I’m not going to say I did my best but did okay.”

While colleges can’t officially offer until September 1, Crisp has already landed early pledges from NC State, Boston College, Maryland and East Carolina with many more sure to follow. All of the attention has caught Crisp off guard.

“I did not expect any of this to happen until next year,” he said. “I mean, I’m grateful for all that’s happening but it’s taken me by surprise.”

NC State was the first school to extend an early offer and the Pack has strong ties to Crisp through the guardians that he lives with. Despite their loyalty to State, Crisp says they’re allowing him room to make his own decision when it comes to a future college.

“I’ve been going to the NC State games with my guardians for about two or three years now because they get season tickets,” he said. “My guardians, all their children go to NC State. One just graduated last Saturday. They have season tickets and I love NC State right now. They’re not pushing me to State. They would like for me to go there but they’re not making it a big factor for me.”

Crisp admits that he hasn’t put a lot of thought into college so far as he’s focused, instead, on simply improving his game and preparing for the upcoming season. He’ll hit several camps over the summer to help him do just that.

“I’m trying to come to the NC State camp on June 20-23,” he said. “Then we have a team camp at Clemson. I know my coach was talking about driving me up to Maryland and me and my guardians are talking about going to the Georgia camp.”


RB Kevin Fogg from Apex and LB Steven Moore from Chapel Hill also attended the combine and performed well in drills. DE Brandon Hunter from Carrboro is a 2009 prospect that represented himself well and could get some looks with a strong senior season. Rising junior S Dechane Durante from Vance High School is a long, rangy defensive back that will likely receive his fair share of attention next year. DE Somto Okoye was another local 2009 player that showed well in one-on-one drills. He plays at Wakefield High School.

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