Pack Pride Recruiting Board: Defensive Tackle

Pack Pride details the early prospects on NC State's defensive tackle recruiting board.

Pack Pride will take a periodic look at how NC State may recruit the various positions for the class of 2010 and the prospects that are currently mentioning the Pack as one of their top schools. The following should be considered a rough guide only as many factors will affect the actual numbers at each position between now and signing day next year. All information contained in this article is the opinion of the staff at Pack Pride and should not be confused as being information from the coaching staff at NC State. It is also based on information known at the current time. Several aspects of this listing will certainly change as the recruiting season progresses.

Defensive Tackle

Key losses...Alan-Michael Cash, Leroy Burgess,

Pack is likely to sign...2-3

Number signed at this position over the last two years...9

How important is this spot in relationship to other positions...Moderate

The Pack has signed nine defensive tackles over the last two years so on the surface, this would seemingly be a position of low importance in the class of 2010. However, Leroy Burgess will graduate after this year, Kyle Linney was dismissed from the team, Marty Everett may or may not matriculate to NC State while Thomas Locust never arrived in Raleigh. So when all is said and done, State will have lost roughly half of the DT signees over the last two years when all is said and done. This means that the Wolfpack will look to target roughly two or three additional linemen in the class of 2010.

Pack Prides Dream Recruiting Class at DT....Evan Hailes, A.J. Cann

On the board and listing the Pack:

A.J. Cann...Cann is one of the top prospects in South Carolina and while most schools like him as an offensive lineman, NC State has targeted Cann as a defensive tackle. A visit to State for the spring game and the work of tight end’s coach Jim Bridge has helped establish the Pack is a solid contender. However, South Carolina and UNC may prove to be the two teams to beat in this battle.

Evan Hailes...Early on, NC State emerged as the team to beat for Hailes after he made a visit to Raleigh for the Wolfpack’s junior day. Since then, numerous other schools have come forward with scholarship offers which have served to muddy the waters a bit. Hailes recently told Pack Pride that Tennessee was now his top school with NC State on their heels. With the Vols leading despite not having received a visit, it is imperative that the Wolfpack get Hailes back on campus if they’re to have a legitimate shot at landing his commitment.

Ethan Farmer...Farmer is one of North Carolina’s better targets to emerge over the last four weeks or so. He is athletic for his size with schools looking at him for tight end, defensive end and defensive tackle. Farmer worked out as a tight end at the combine which may have given a hint as to where he’d prefer to play. However, sources indicate that the Wolfpack like him as a defensive tackle and realistically, that’s probably his best position. State reportedly feels good about their position with him after a recent visit to his school although Alabama, Clemson and UNC are also in good shape to land him.

Thomas Teal...Teal has been somewhat under the radar but is a prospect the Wolfpack really likes. He has landed offers from Illinois in addition to NC State although he is certainly interested in South Carolina and Clemson. Teal visited for the spring game and short of an in-state or big-time SEC offer, we think the Pack is in great shape to land him. Academics are an unknow right now so that may be something to consider down the road.

Eric Young...Young is one of the top, pure defensive tackles in the state although he has received very little fanfare. From purely an ability standpoint, Young is a tremendous prospect although academics are likely going to limit his recruiting for the time being. If those grades improve, he’s a player that could see his recruiting explode next season. For now, State has offered and is in great shape. Location will play on their side and landing a player like Tony Creecy, also from Durham, will help.

Marty Everett...Everett is a former NC State signee although there are questions about whether he will ultimately end up in Raleigh. Everett sat out the 2008 season due to injury but should be a contributor in 2009. Once he gets to college in 2010, assuming his grades are where they need to be, Everett will have three years to play three. For now, it’s a wait and see situation and may be months before we know exactly how hard the Pack will pursue him for the class of 2010.

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