Signee Status: Sam Jones

Pack Pride catches up with 2008 football signee Sam Jones and gets the latest on his impending arrival to NC State.

As much of the recruiting focus shifts to the rising seniors in the class of 2009, the players that signed with NC State last February are just weeks away from arriving in Raleigh. Pack Pride will catch up with several of the signees over the next few weeks to see what they’ve been up to since signing day as well as their plans once their career with the Pack begins. Today we highlight Chatham (VA) Hargrave Military Academy offensive lineman Sam Jones .

Jones originally signed with NC State in the class of 2007 but fell just short on his test scores and spent this past season at Hargrave shoring up his academics. Now at 6-7 and 295 pounds, Jones has an extra year of experience under his belt and is ready to take his talents to NC State.

Sam, you went to Hargrave to get your academics in order. How have you done and have you got the scores you needed to get into NC State?
I'm good to go with my grades. I'm qualified with everything. I qualified with my ACT scores but since I've been up here, my grades skyrocketed. So that's not an issue anymore.

How beneficial was your time at Hargrave in helping you get the scores you needed?
At Hargrave you have to try to not do well. If you don't do well, then its your fault, because the tutoring is there for you. Pretty much your day is planned out for you. You basically have three classes a day. The classes you have Monday wouldn't be the same on Tuesday. So after the classes you go to lunch. Then after that you go back to academic labs. You have two IT classes which is where you go back and your teachers help you out even more. Then, you have study hall. You can tell your teacher that you're having problems and they can help you out. It's all pretty well structured.

"I'm good to go with my grades."

Beyond just academics, how has the experience at Hargrave helped you?
Just being in the weight room and being able to be around guys here that are going to totally different places. The players have shared tips with me, and vice versa, and it's helped me out a lot. We just help each other out with being in the same predicament in really trying to get to the same thing. But in our barracks, we have dumbbells, so you can get your sweat in before you go to bed or when you get up in the morning so it's been awesome.

When do you report to NC State?
July 7th.

How much longer do you have to be at Hargrave?
I [graduated ] and I'm going back to Holly Springs.

Prior to signing day you made a visit to Florida State. Was there anything serious to that?
I was just checking them out. The first time when I was being recruited, before coach O'Brien came, me, coach Stroud, and coach Amato had a good relationship. Coach Amato called me and just said to come check the place out. He said he wasn't pressing me, he just wanted me to come down and check it out and see what I thought. And that's exactly what I did. But to be honest, I knew NC State was where I wanted to be.

How do you feel about the future of NC State football?
I'm so excited because I know coach O'Brien is a man that knows how to recruit, and he knows who's right for the job, and he's straight across the board. He treats everybody the same across the board. There's no favoritism, he's going to get in your face if you don't do it right. Just look back at what he did at Boston College and then with this recruiting class and the class for next year- it already looks nice, and he definitely knows what he's doing.

Do you think you'll probably redshirt this year?
To be honest, I asked Coach Petercuskie about that and he said they wouldn't know until I got there. I don't think that they would for the simple fact that I have an advantage being a post-graduate player. But I'm not sure, that's there call. To me, this kind of was a redshirt year for me. Of course I would like to be out on the field, but they may see something I don't. If they have got to redshirt me, then I'll just use it to get better, and knock some heads next year.

High School Scouting Report: "He shows good flexibility and his long arms make him a perfect match for a future at offensive tackle. However, at this early stage of his career, Jones is probably much more polished and appears more comfortable at defensive tackle. He will need work hammering down his technique at offensive tackle, but he has all the tools to become a force at that position down the road." -- Recruiting Analyst Steve Williams

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