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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Raleigh (NC) Word of God point guard John Wall showcased his skills this past weekend in the 2008 Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions as he led D-One Sports to the quarterfinals.

Raleigh (NC) Word of God point guard John Wall showcased his skills this past weekend in the 2008 Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions as he led D-One Sports to the quarterfinals.

Averaging over 24 points per game, Wall's ability to score baskets in a variety of ways and create easy shots for his teammates was a major reason why his team recorded a 3-2 record.

Rated the No. 3 player in the 2009 class and the nation's best point guard by, Wall has dozens of scholarship offers and is a coveted recruit.

Pack Pride spoke with Wall following one of his games, and we will have highlights of him in action later this week.

What has it been like playing in the area and getting various love from the fans and getting to play in your hometown in a big tournament like this?
It feels good because I'm right at home, and I can go home and my family can come out to see me play without traveling far, so it felt good.

You got an invite from USA Basketball, is that something you'd like to do, and is that a big honor for you?
Yeah, I'm glad I got it. But I'm just going to go out there to the tryouts and hope I make the team. I feel proud of it. I feel good about it as something I've accomplished.

Do you have a top five right now?
I don't have a top five yet. I'm trying to narrow my schools down, but like I said yesterday, there are schools that have offered me that I'm interested in and I have other schools interested. But [I'm looking at] Kansas, N.C. State, Virginia, Memphis, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State... schools like that. I still have interest in everybody.

Is there a point in August or September when you'll get a little more serious with the list, because you're so busy now?
Yeah I think before school basketball is done, I should have a list down, because that will give me time to sit for a month and put down my schools and see what I really like and just take a couple visits and see how the campus is. Because, you can't really pick a school if you don't see how it looks.

Is there a certain time you want to make a decision by?
If a school pops up and it's the best school for me and that's what I would like, then I'm going to make the decision then, but if not, I'm not in a rush.

I know you like being recruited, but is it getting tougher and more of a hassle or do you still enjoy it?
I still enjoy it, because like I said it's a God-given ability; I didn't have this two years ago and it's something to be proud of. But sometimes it gets a little heavy, but that's a part of it. Coaches are trying to get somebody to their school, so they have to work hard like they want us to work hard when we come to their school for basketball.

Ho do you react when you hear people say, ‘Kentucky is the leader,' or ‘Memphis is the leader?'
I don't really pay it no mind because people really think that because people compare me to Derrick Rose and think Memphis. But we have different personalities, so he may have liked coach Calipari different than I like him, so I can't compare me to playing with him because we might have a different mindset.

How important is it for you to go to a school where you will be able to play immediately or would you rather go somewhere that has a rich tradition?
I don't really want to go to a school with a rich tradition. I want to go where I'm going to get to play, and I'm going to have to work for my starting spot. I don't want a coach to tell me, ‘You have this starting spot.' Even though I'm a good player, I want somebody who's going to push me to work hard and give everybody a chance just like they give me a chance.

Has N.C. State done anything to try to distinguish themselves here lately?
Not really. I went and talked to them sometimes and have talked to coach Lowe. So nothing big, but I go over and talk to them sometimes.

What's it like being in Raleigh, and knowing they need a point guard, and having the best one in the country is in the backyard, is that an interesting situation for you?
Yeah, a lot of people say I should go there because it's right home and my parents could come. But like I told them, I just can't make that decision just because it's close to home, even though I wouldn't mind being close to home. If there are schools out-of-state that are better for me, then that's where I'm going to go.

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