Locker Room Report: Elliot Avent and players

Elliot Avent, Sam Brown, Eric Surkamp, Matt Payne and Jeremy Synan met with the media following the Pack's 2-1 win over South Carolina that advances the team to the Super Regionals.

Postgame Press Conference

Elliot Avent

On his team's play this weekend: "We may not have scored a lot of runs but we did what championship teams have to do. A lot of clutch hits, clutch plays and obviously clutch pitching from our people. We are all very proud of our players."

On the USC hitting: "That's a great hitting ball club. They are unbelievable. Their first five or six guys, you'll see at least three of four of them in the big leagues."

On the play of his bullpen: "I have made a statement every press conference about what a job Tom Holliday does. He does all the pitching I have nothing to do with the pitching, I have no idea. He's the best pitching coach in the country and has been for a long time, he's unbelievable."

"I've said this for six weeks and I haven't seen it in print yet so my only answer is that Tom Holliday is the best pitching coach in the country – I wish somebody would print it."

Sam Brown

On the bullpens 11 innings of shutout pitching this weekend: "We just got up there and got ahead of them. When you get ahead of batters you get outs. They are smart hitters, they don't swing at bad pitches. We did a great job of placing our pitches where we wanted them, but they swing hard."

Eric Surkamp

On having to battle through his four innings: "I struggled with my command a little bit again tonight but I really was just focused on making big pitches in big situations. I think I had runners on first and second probably every inning I was in I'm guessing. When you get in situations like that with runners in scoring position you just try to focus a little bit more and bear down on the next pitch."

Matt Payne

On the experience of this weekend: "The turnout, the crowd it was unbelievable all weekend, you can't even describe what it feels like to win this."

On his game-winning RBI single in the 7th: "I was just trying to put the ball in play and let something happen. Fortunately it worked out, that's about all you can say."

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