Ellis shuffles his visits

Chris Ellis has one more official visit that he can schedule. NC State has some tough competition for the final visit which includes UNC, Penn State and UCLA. TSW caught up with Ellis to discuss his schedule and who might get the fifth.

Hampton Virginia's Chris Ellis (6'5" 235) is busy rearranging his schedule in order to take the January SAT. He still has four visits set but with new dates. Virginia Tech (12-17), Maryland (1-10), Virginia (1-17), and Tennessee (1-24) have the first confirmed dates for the talented defensive end. "I have schools that don't want me to commit till I have taken my visit. I may decide after the Virginia visit or before if it just feels right."

We asked Ellis if he had a favorite. "I probably would say Virginia Tech just because I am anxious to get to my first visit."

There are a few other schools trying to land the fifth visit. UNC, UCLA, Penn State and North Carolina State are actively recruiting Ellis. Penn State is suppose to call me next week to talk about a visit. North Carolina is talking about me visiting also. I may take a trip there. NC State has not talked about me visiting. There's not a lot of open dates between now and signing day so I'm not sure when I can go."

Chris will retake the SAT on January 7th. "I took the SAT last year. I scored 800. I also took it October 26 but I have not gotten my scores back. I need a 820 or 840. I have a 2.5 in my core courses."

Bethel High School has completed their season with a disappointing 3-7 record, failing to make the Virginia playoffs. However, Ellis was able to rack up some impressive statistics. He finished the year with over 80 tackles, 13 sacks, 1 forced fumble and 3 recovered fumbles. "Our season is over with and we didn't do to well. I had a good year, but I faced a lot of double teams. I will get the final stats this week. I did make the All-District team and they are suppose to announce the All-Region team next week."

Ellis is getting ready for basketball season, although he missed try-outs because of an injured shoulder. "We had try-outs last week, but I was unable to play because of my shoulder. I made the cuts though. Hopefully I will be able to practice next week."

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