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Ryan Kelly is receiving much of the attention, but another big man at Raleigh (NC) Ravenscroft School has emerged as center Matt Wilson continues to pick up scholarship offers.

Ryan Kelly is receiving much of the attention, but another big man at Raleigh (NC) Ravenscroft School has emerged as center Matt Wilson continues to pick up scholarship offers.

Wilson began his prep career playing three years at Raleigh (NC) Millbrook High School before reclassifying and transferring to Ravenscroft. Last year was his first with the Ravens, and if you ask Wilson he'll tell you he didn't play up to his potential.

"It was my first year at Ravenscroft, and I was just getting used to the system," said Wilson. "I think a lot of times during the year I was thinking more about what I was supposed to do instead of just going out there and playing. It kind of hurt my confidence.

"I think when you look at the big picture I probably didn't play up to my potential as well as I should have. I am now comfortable in our system, and people have seen it at these team camps. I think next year is just going to be completely different for me as a player at Ravenscroft."

Wilson measures in at 6-foot-11 without shoes and right at 225 pounds. He's adding weight to his frame as he continues to work on his skillset.

He started his spring by turning in an extremely solid performance at Dave Telep's Carolina Challenge.

"Wilson passes the look test and on Saturday he showed some signs of being a player as well," wrote's Evan Daniels after watching Wilson at the Carolina Challenge. "Wilson gets up and down the floor with no problems, is fairly long and scores off of face up jumpers. Throughout our viewing, Wilson stepped out to three-point line to not only rotate the ball, but also to hunt three-pointers."

Wilson plays on the AAU circuit with the United Celtics, and he's continued to make strides.

"I can't even explain my improvement," he stated. "Coming into high school I wasn't even a basketball player, I was a swimmer. I didn't start playing competitively until my ninth grade year. I never would have thought I'd be in my position now. Something kicked in and now I know the hard work will pay off because my improvement has been phenominal."

Wilson played extremely well at NC State's team camp. While helping lead Ravenscroft to the title, he emerged as a legitimate recruit for the Wolfpack.

"The NC State coaches had seen me play before, and I think the thing that turned their heads was my defense," he stated. "I was blocking shots left and right, rebounding the ball really well, I was loud, and I was talkative. I was finishing inside... just being a bigger presence.

"I've worked on being more consistent with it. I think the thing at team camp is I was just more consistent overall. Not only did I play hard on both ends of the floor, but I did it consistently every game."

Following the team camp, Wilson made two unofficial visits to NC State. He's very familiar with the school as his father, Scott, played football for the Wolfpack in the mid-1980's.

"We had a good talk."

"The meetings at State went very well," said Wilson. "The first visit I met with coach Lowe and the coaching staff, and we had a good talk. They've been kind of following me, and they said I've impressed them with my improvement and how I've made such huge strides. They said they would like for me to play there.

"On my second visit we toured the RBC Center, and I got to check out the dorms. Overall, both visits were really nice."

Other programs are in the mix.

"A bunch of schools are on me," said Wilson. "South Carolina, NC State, UNC-Wilmington, Davidson, College of Charleston... Richmond. Clemson and Southern California have offered, but I think they both are out of the loop now because Clemson has a new commitment and Southern California is a little too far away for me. There's also a bunch more mid-majors.

"I'm probably going to visit South Carolina and Davidson in August, but of course that can change. I don't have it set in stone yet."

South Carolina has made an impression with new head coach Darren Horn. Wilson was offered a scholarship last summer by USC's previous staff, and Horn continues to recruit him.

"I've been playing phonetag with South Carolina right now," Wilson stated. "They'll call and I won't get it, I'll call and they won't get it, but they are a team definitely in the picture. They were also on me hard with the previous staff.

"I actually visited last summer when the old coaching staff was there. Columbia is a great place. Their tradition is crazy down there with Gamecock athletics... it's pretty big. I like the city feel down there, and they have a lot to offer."

When the time comes to make a decision, Wilson says it won't be a quick one. He'll sit down with his family and choose the best possible program.

"My parents only have one preference, and it is that I'm extremely comfortable," said Wilson. "My family and I both want me to stay relatively close to home on the east coast. That's not just them, that's me. That plays a big part in it. Obviously they want a strong academic school, and they want it to be a good fit.

"There's no set timetable. I think whatever decision I make is going to be a smart one. It's not just going to be me, it's going to also be my family. I can tell you right now I don't think it will be spur of the moment. It will probably be a more formal setting, a phone call or a visit... well I don't know because it hasn't just clicked yet. There really is no telling."

Sporting a 3.0+ GPA, Wilson is solid in the classroom and is already academically qualified. Looking to major in Business in college while pursuing a minor in Art, he knows what he wants to do off the hardwood. Now he has to determine which school he will be playing basketball for. As it stands now, he is wide open with no favorites.

"I'm open," he said. "I'm also comfortable with who is recruiting me. God forbid I have a subpar July, which I don't think is going to happen, I would be perfectly comfortable with the schools on me now.

"I'm still wide open. If I wasn't I think I'd be committed by now. A part of me wants to, but another part wants me to wait it out and see what other opportunities might come."

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