Pack, Gators Battle for Brown

AIKEN, S.C. -- Watch Lorenzo Brown play and you notice the slight limp or occasional grimaces of pain. He's playing on tired legs and a gimpy knee.

Watch Lorenzo Brown play and you notice the slight limp or occasional grimaces of pain. He's playing on tired legs and a gimpy knee.

"I've been playing alright, but I hope I'm not ruining things," Brown said. "I haven't been able to move as fast... it's been killing me."

"Colleges like me as a combo."

On the first day of the Peach State Summer Showcase, Brown and his Lou Will Elite teammates arrived at the Aiken Convocation Center nearly an hour late for their first game. With a full schedule of games still on the slate, Lou Will had just a couple of minutes to warm up, and it was during this time that Brown injured his knee.

"As soon as I got here, we were in the layup lines and when I came down on it, my knee started hurting," said Brown. "I couldn't move too well after that. I haven't been anywhere to get it looked at... I'm just trying to keep playing."

It's been a busy spring and summer for Brown. After attending several events in April and May, there was a three-week stretch where he attended six different events across the country. He sat out the LeBron James Skills Academy and Reebok U. to rest and focus on his summer school classes.

"I didn't go to the big camps," said Brown. "I had to take some time off because I was hurting. I felt like I was through going into that Top 100 camp. We were getting up at 7:00, I had been to so many places... it got to where I could barely run."

On the court, Brown is a versatile talent. He is capable of posting huge scoring numbers whle also serving as his team's primary ballhandler. He's listed as a shooting guard, but all of the programs in pursuit view him as a combo guard with the potential to develop into a top-flight point guard.

"Colleges like me as a combo," stated Brown. "That's good to me because with my high school and AAU team that's how I play. I try to score, but I like to handle and pass it too."

The go-to player for Lou Will Elite's 17-under team, Brown is good friends with Lou Will's top 16-under player, Ryan Harrow. Brown and Harrow have known each other for several years and remain in constant contact. Harrow spent a couple of years at Concord (NC) Cannon School, but is now back at Marietta (GA) Walton, one of the rival teams for Brown and Roswell (GA) Centennial.

"He makes all kinds
of crazy passes and finds
you open all the time."

"I met Ryan at a recreation center when I was in probably the fifth grade," said Brown. "I wasn't even playing AAU basketball then, but he introduced me to coach [Derek] Dickerson, and I started playing with them. I've been tight with Ryan ever since then."

Harrow, a 2010 point guard, recently committed to NC State, and Brown believes he should fit right in with the Wolfpack.

"It was crazy because he didn't tell anybody he was committing," Brown said. "[Laughing] I read about it on the Internet first. I called him up, and he told me how it all happened. I think he's going to be nice there. When they get some big men that are going to run with him... they need some more bigs basically, and they'll be straight."

Brown speaks highly of Harrow. The two have played together on various teams and when Harrow plays up with Lou Will Elite's 17's, Brown knows that he has to be ready for anything.

"Ryan has the best handles I've ever seen in my life," said Brown. "He can get past anybody. He needs to get stronger, but he'll go to the league when he does that because he can play.

"When I don't play with Ryan, I get the ball and I pass it... I don't have to worry about catching the ball. When I'm with him, I have to always keep my eyes on him. I need to find out what is going to do because he makes all kinds of crazy passes and finds you open all the time. I'm not trying to get hit in the head so I have to keep my eyes on him."

Brown's recruitment is taking shape. July is the Evaluation Period and various colleges have been tracking his progress. He holds offers from NC State, Florida, Memphis, LSU, and Miami among others. Texas is in the mix, and Tennessee watched several of his games at the Peach State. It appears that Brown is seriously considering two programs.

"I'm not really in a rush."

"It's basically NC State and Florida," he stated. "It's mainly those two right now. They are calling a lot... checking in on me. I like the coaches at NC State. I like the community there too. It's nice. I haven't been to Florida yet, but I talk to Donovan on the phone a lot. He's recruiting me.

"Before school starts, I'm going to try and visit Florida and NC State. I might visit Miami too, but probably before school starts I'll try and visit all of them and make my decision."

"I'm not really in a rush, but sometimes I feel like doing it," added Brown. "But, I know there are a lot of guys on my team that are still looking at colleges. I want more coaches to come to our games and see them. Maybe if I decide, so many wouldn't come."

Brown said that Larry Harris is recruiting him for NC State and his lead Florida recruiter is Shaka Smart.

He ended his junior season averaging 25 points, nine rebounds, and seven assists. He is currently rated the No. 8 shooting guard and the No. 29 player overall in the 2009 class by

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