NC State looks at west coast forward

NC State has jumped into a recruiting battle royal for five star forward, Marvin Williams. TSW interviewed the 2004 Bremerton, Washington player to get his latest recruiting information.

The Pack is looking in the class of 2004 to replace current Junior Marcus Melvin who is perhaps the most versatile big man since Tom Gugliotta once suited up for the Pack in the early 90s.

A tall order for any recruiter. He needs to have the abilty to bring the ball up the court, shoot the three while maintaining the traditional skills of a power forward.

Marvin Williams has all this and than some. He was taught at an early age the skills of point guard before a startling growth spurt. He retain those abilities but now has the forward frame that makes him a truely special and versatile prospect that NC State covets.

TSW: Hey Marvin. We wanted to check in with you to see if you have gotten your season on the way.

Williams: Yes. We have had two practices. We should be OK.

TSW: We have read that you are considering making a decision after a few unofficial visits this spring. Is that still the case?

Williams: I don't think it is anymore. I have changed my mind on that.

TSW: So, you will take some official visits before you announce now?

Williams: Yes.

TSW: I see your list includes some great schools. Arizona, Duke and Kansas. Do you have a favorite right now?

Williams: It is still early and I am pretty much wide open.

TSW: I also see you are looking at several other east coast teams. Florida, UNC and NC State. How do you feel about going east to play?

Williams: I really have no preference where I play. It's pretty much wide open.

TSW: Three of the teams you list are from the state of North Carolina. How are they recruiting you?

Williams: Carolina, Wake Forest and NC State have sent me a few things.

TSW: Do we need to add Wake Forest to the list of schools you are considering?

Williams: No, I don't think so.

TSW: Are UNC or NC State recruiting you for any particular position, or is it too early yet to tell where they see you playing

Williams: Neither have really said.

TSW: What do you think of the style of play that NC State plays?

Williams: They are pretty good. They won a couple games in the NCAA. I watched them in the tournament last year.

TSW: OK, how about a conference? Do you favor the ACC, Pac-10 or any other conference?

Williams: No. That does not really matter.

TSW: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. If it's OK, I want to follow you for the next couple of years. I will call back maybe in January to get updates.

Williams: Thats fine.

The Seattle Times had an outstanding article on Marvin that ran in October. This is a must read for all. You can also fine more great coverage from The Insiders using their search feature.

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