Tank set to take Official to Raleigh

Tank Tyler heads to Raleigh this weekend for his official visit. TSW caught up with Tank for an interview to get his thoughts on the pending trip.

Demarcus "Tank" Tyler is heading to NC State once again, but this time he does so officially. While he has seen several games in Raleigh and has been on campus a few times, this time it is for real. The coaching staff, the academic personal as well as the students will roll out the red carpet to showcase NC State. Tank will get a chance to see if he matches well with current football players. He also will see first hand the things it takes to be successful in a NCSU classroom. Last but not least, he will have the chance to see what life will be like if he chooses NC State. This is what officials are all about.

TSW: Tank, I see you are about to take your second official visit. What are you thinking about NC State before your visit this weekend?

Tank: I am looking forward to it. I was scheduled a few weeks back, but I had my dad in for a visit so I was unable to make it.

TSW: When are you going up?

Tank: After my game Friday. My mom is driving me up.

TSW: Have you thought about what you want to major in?

Tank: Business.

TSW: If you like your visit in Raleigh, do you think you might go ahead and commit?

Tank: I don't think so. I want to take all my visits.

TSW: The last time we talked, you were about to take the SAT. How did you do on that?

Tank: I got a 880.

TSW: Are you still planning on enrolling for January classes?

Tank: Yes.

TSW: You had an earlier visit to Ohio State. How was that?

Tank: I had a good time. It went well.

TSW: We have your list as North Carolina, NC State, Ohio State, Tennessee, Maryland, and Arkansas. Is that still your list.

Tank: Maryland is a maybe.

TSW: We have Maryland and Arkansas listed as "Low Interest". Is that right?

Tank: Yes.

TSW: Have you set up anymore visits?

Tank: No.

TSW: Thanks Tank. I hope you enjoy your visit.

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