Baker, Evans, Wilson Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Toney Baker, Russell Wilson and Daniel Evans spoke with the media following NC State's first practice of the fall.

Toney Baker

On whether he is 100% coming into the fall:
"Yes. I feel good."

On the competition among the running backs:
"We are all good backs. We are all going to compete and help each other and try to win some ballgames here. We are just going to keep it competitive all around, at all positions, and hopefully it will make us a better team."

On being picked to finish last by the media:
"It motivates us, but Coach O'Brien does a really good job of keeping us level and doing what we need to do. Just focusing on one day at a time. [Being picked last], that's for us to change."

On not going through the full practice today:
"Nothing at all [happened]. They are just taking steps getting me back. Just can't throw me into the fire at all."

Daniel Evans

On how things change with five quarterbacks competing:
"It's changed things up – not necessarily what I do but kind of the rhythm of things is broken down a little bit more. Trying to get the reps amongst five guys instead of two or three. But as far as what I'm doing, I'm approaching it the same way as I have."

On whether he feels he has to prove himself:
"I'm okay with that too. I've been doing it for three or four years now, I'm kind of used to it. Coming out I really didn't have any expectations of competing for a job my freshman year. But pretty much after that its been the same thing."

On whether he has an edge after competing for a job multiple years in a row:
"I think not necessarily the process of competing for the job but having played substantial reps on Saturdays, I think that probably gives me a little more of an edge than anything."

Russell Wilson

On if he's been in a such a wide-open competition before:
"I've done try-outs and all that kind of stuff. But I love competition, I don't mind it, it makes everybody better. Having all these quarterbacks, having the new guys come in, having the rest of the guys really want to compete and get a job. It just make teams better."

On how much better he got in the offseason:
"Since baseball ended I've been working out real hard. Running a lot, lifting a lot so physically I feel like I'm a lot better. Plus watching film adds a little bit extra. As each day goes on I try to get better, I definitely feel like I'm in a better spot right now."

On being just four weeks from opening kickoff:
"I've been waiting my whole life to play in front of a big crowd, in this situation. I believe that I'll be ready, I think baseball helped me as well being on national TV and everything. But I've been waiting for this moment my whole life, and I know the rest of the guys have as well."

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