McPhadden heads to Raleigh for visit

Aubrey McPhadden (6'6" 320), perhaps the top lineman in Florida will be arriving in Raleigh today. TSW caught up with Aubrey to talk about NC State and his pending trip.

Aubrey McPhadden's season is over. First Coast High School finished their season with an overall record of 3-7. The absence of football games has freed his schedule to start taking a few visits and the first official will be to NC State.

TSW: Aubrey, do you have a visit lined up for this weekend?

McPhadden: Yes, I am going to NC State.

TSW: How did you hear about NC State?

McPhadden: Coach C (Canales) sends me stuff in the mail. I started watching them on TV after that.

TSW: What do you think of NC State?

McPhadden: I like their program. In a couple of years they will be at the top of the conference. They need big lineman.

TSW: Have they said how many Offensive linemen they will sign this year ?

McPhadden: Five.

TSW: When you arrive in Raleigh, what kind of things will you be looking for?

McPhadden: The football program, academics and just the environment of everything.

TSW: Have you decided what you want to major in?

McPhadden: Electrical Engineering.

TSW: We have you listing Miami, FSU, Florida, LSU, NC State and Ohio State. Is that still your list?

McPhadden: You can take off Ohio State. I am also looking at South Carolina and Maryland.

TSW: Has all those schools offered you? We have Miami as not offered yet.

McPhadden: Yes. Miami has offered. They all have.

TSW: Do you have any other visits lined up?

McPhadden: I'm going to FSU on January 25th.

TSW: When do you plan on making your decision?

McPhadden: In January.

TSW: Thanks Aubrey. I'll call you back Monday to see how the trip went.

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